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  1. Regarding the hiss, is it a hiss or a buzz? Is your guitar plugged in at the time? Is the white (guitar mix) volume turned up at all? Turning the white volume (mix/input volume) down to zero eliminated hiss on my 75, even with the red volume at 100%. This is with my guitar unplugged, using the AMPLIFi as a Bluetooth boom box. Not sure about the library issue. I haven't experienced it (yet, at least...). Unless others have experienced it and resolved it, you might have to wait for a FAQ or Manual from Line 6.
  2. It seems that way ... not quite ready for prime time, but hey, like SNL it's great in its own way. It's fun for early adopters willing to accept some early kinks or those expecting more of a Bluetooth Boombox with benefits. That said, the launch seems to have enough gaps to frustrate those hoping for something more polished and gig-proof. Glad you found the right gear in the Mustang III. I've been very happy with my Fender products (circa early and mid 90s). I'll likely keep the 75 as a way to contribute to the tone community. If the experiment fails and that Line 6 drops support, so be it. If it succeeds, hopefully, those tones can be migrated to an Amplifi HD (or whatever marketing decides to call it... hopefully, something more searchable).
  3. It's marketing. When doesn't marketing bend the truth a bit? Caveat emptor? I ordered the 75 watt online and really only have myself to blame for not doing a little more homework (taking a road trip to GC) to see if the 150 was more appropriate. I chatted with a rep online, but that was about it. It was a calculated risk. Given my use case, the 75 is probably fine, but it would be nice to have to extra oomph when I wanted it. Maybe my ears will thank me when I'm 70.
  4. I saw the post about USB power and it is a shame Line 6 didn't add a female USB Type-A port for charging. Then again contemporary "iDevices" do hold a decent charge. The USB Type-B port suggests a future PC interface. iOS is fine for cord cutting and practicing from the couch, but sometimes you just need a mouse, keyboard and monitor (or a traditional unit with a compliment of physical knobs, buttons and lights) ... I hope Line 6 reveals more on this soon, but I'll settle for a full manual first. Sigh.
  5. Thank you for the research! The nearest GC is an hour and a half away. I ordered my 75 online and haven't opened/used my FBV. Good to know it's unlikely to hum when/if I decide to keep the 75.
  6. If Android is your OS of choice, I'd stick with your existing rig until Android is supported (or wait for the "Amplifi MkII") ... or did you already pick up an Amplifi? I'm considering shipping my 75 back (wish I lived near a GC) along with the FBV Express MkII I chose as a compliment. Given that Line 6 still hasn't released a proper manual, it's hard to trust them to see this product through to fully baked. Maybe I'll just give in, keep it, and "enjoy" some more early adopter fun.
  7. The app shows the four "presets" under a heading of "Bank 1." While it could be a hardware limitation (a daft one in this day and age), I hope a firmware update will permit the addition of Bank 2, Bank 3, etc. Maybe someone should do an iFixIt-style teardown to see what chips are in this thing. Given the EA-style product rollout, I'm tempted to send mine back and wait for "revision B" ... or stick with separate components and cords as always.
  8. An Android app is said/rumored? to be in development, but I'd expect that will work best with products running Android 4.x (hopefully, as far back as Ice Cream Sandwich, but suspect Jellybean). The USB port suggests a Windows or Mac possibility, but I hope those include the option for Bluetooth. The fewer cords, the better.
  9. Anyone have a chance to compare the 75 and 150 side by side? I almost ordered the 150, but chose the 75 thinking my needs were modest. Now I wonder if I should either exchange it for the 150 or just return it and wait for something more developed. Admittedly, I'm a hobbyist without much time to play. I've wanted something simple that will allow me to dive into a tone/song without much fuss, but also allow me to quickly and easily experiment as much as I'd like (and without a deep dive into a manual). This seems to offer that, but I'm a little disappointed that my old practice amp and even my Griffin Twenty (hooked to some JBL Pro IIIs) seems to have more headroom. Granted, I've only had it a night and haven't had much time to experiment with it.
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