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  1. I posted this over at TGP, but no replies... There seems to be a bug in the looper after 2.6 install. If I create a loop using the 6-button looper in one patch and then switch to another patch that has a 6-button looper block, I can't overdub using the other patch. The overdub icon reverts to the record icon, and when I hit the footswitch, it creates a new loop from scratch, erasing the original loop. EDIT: actually, I can overdub in the other patch, but only after hitting the play button first. and you have hit it on exactly the beat the loop starts on, or it will screw up the timing relative to how badly you missed the beat. either way, this is not a reasonable workaround. This only happens with the 6-button looper, not the 1-button. I never had this issue before the update. I'm really bummed, because I use this all the time. I'll create a loop with a guitar tone and then switch to another patch for a bass tone, or a completely different amp. One other issue... When overdubbing with the 1-button looper, there's a delay when you hit the switch. With the 6-button looper, the overdub begins the instant you hit the switch, but with the 1-button looper, if you hit the switch on the exact beat the overdub starts, there's a moment of silence before the overdubbed part begins.
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