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  1. I did use that workaround in the past. it's a way to do it. It's way faster to recall the EQ on the spot. i want to avoid surprises when i arrive at the gig and the venue or PA is completely the opposite as described. It should be an easy feature with little memory space and cpu usage. I could name it: outside, hall, bar, high ceiling...end so on. Thanks for replying. Cheers.
  2. I just posted it on line6.ideascale.com. i hope they see the benefit of this idea. cheers
  3. just like the new kemper floor, i like tho have a automatic wah function when the pedal is moving. when it's not moving, the wah block deactivates within half a second. heel down is ok, but automatic is way easier. Cheers.
  4. It would be nice if we had a function to have a tuner always on in a scribble strip of the TAP or the pedal strip. just a simple one like in the G70 wireless. Pretty handy for live use when you feel one string is a little out of tune and you have no time to mute for tuning. fast and no dropout of guitar playing. wen in tune the scribble strip invert the b/w color
  5. Would it be nice that you can store your favorite global EQ setting with a title in the global settings? So you can choose depending on the acoustic response of the room or space you're playing in. Back for a gig in that bar again? Just recall your global of the previous gig and you're good. Just enjoy playing without thinking 'why does my sound suck today? what should i do after this song? ' . This idea is mentioned multiple times on FB: Helix Family Group. After one of us posted that idea again on FB, i think it's time to release this idea in a future update. I don't think it's hard to program that option. in your preset, just push the bypass button to engage the global EQ, like it is now. After that a screen option pops up to dial or confirm your favorite global EQ.
  6. you most have the latest firmware and editor. had the same issue and posted a ticket. I'm sure it's that same issue. Regards Bart2580. Better closer attempts posted on custom tone.
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