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  1. Just to let you know, if you'd not know, until 3.01 fw i was able to change snapshot after PC between 135 ms (using disaster area midi baby 3). with fw 3.10 using same patches and same configurations and gears i've been forced to set at 155ms. I've noted as you say that this value depends of the weigth of called patch. So the added buffer in this release has got worse than before. Hope it can be useful for you debug activities ;-) thanks
  2. Phil, i have NO external expession pedal plugged into the exp2 jack and if i connect one there it works but nothing changes about the lights. Always on also if i detach the plug from the exp2 jack. they seems freezed. always on.
  3. i think i'm the only one who has this problem, because after a long search i haven't found no others with the same problem. On my Helix LT the two EXP 1/2 LEDs are always turned on, either wha/volume are used or not in the patch. My helix has been patched to the latest firmware directly from the official technic assistance point here in italy. i bought LT on 1st of march and sent to assistance on 4th of march because it freezed after some minutes since power on. after 20 days i finally had back my LT, upgraded to 2.71, and finally full working, except for the two EXP 1/2 LEDs that always stay both on. if i add wha or volume to the patch and i activate the exp toe, the expression pedal works fine (i hear wha o volume changes etc), but the two leds still turned on. if this won't broke my LT, i will live with, because after a 850€ expence i don't like to send it in assitance for at least others 20 days. i appreciate any helps Thanks Beppe
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