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  1. I love the HX Stomp and built a small pedalboard using a Gator GPB-LAK-GR. I modded it to work as a MIDI switch. Works like a charm...
  2. Some information can be found here: https://helixhelp.com/models/amps/guitar/
  3. I got used to it and think it might be caused by the way I set the volume. I use an external Pedal to set the value of a volume pedal I put at the end of each patch chain. So I normally play at 85% volume and for lead guitar I kick the pedal and play on 100%. But every time I adjust a patch in HD500 Edit it is problematic and what I really dislike is that this has never been fixed. When the HD500 came out I was buying it immediately. As much as I'm interested in the new Helix I think I will wait some time to hear of early adopters... and I read Fractal's AX8 is coming soon, also seems to be a very interesting unit in the same price range.
  4. Same issue here. It really makes editing the patches in HD500 Edit a pain. Seems to be quite reproducible, why has it never been fixed?
  5. I'm connecting the XLR outputs of my POD HD500 to the FOH Mixer and the 1/4" outputs to a Matrix GT1000FX with 2 Thiele cabs – I use them as monitors. The signal of the XLR outputs is microphone level only – only POD HD Pro lets you choose between microphone level and line level. I made some patches that work for me at home (headphones), rehearsals (GT1000FX with Thiele cabs) and live (GT1000FX with Thiele cabs / PA). We use the mixer controls to adjust the live sound that's feeding the PA and I stopped using too much reverb and got used to it. Best wishes for your gig!
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