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  1. Hi! How can I hook up a compressor rack after UX8 unit and before DAW. I want to connect several drums mic without external pre-amp streight to UX8, process their signal into a compressor rack and record in my DAW. Thanks!
  2. Did you get one battery cover for Variax 300? That is my turn I need one!
  3. When using my Line6 UX8 as sound output on YT video (for exemple) the sound is detuned one full step bellow. I use a MacBook Pro (Early 2015) Catalina 10.15.5. Line 6 says: Hi Sergio, what year is your Macbook? On Catalina 10.15.3 the same driver worked fine across the board, but since the latest point release what we've seen is it seems the older machines are having this issue, machines after 2015 are unaffected. Unfortunately there's not too much we can do on our end. You might consider contacting Apple and see if they can shed more light or if they seeing other users reporting anything similar. Best, Line6Josh Someone had same issue?
  4. Got good results recording 6 channels same time with my TonePort UX8. It was four mic (Glyb Johns method) to drum kit (2x MXL V67G + SM57 on snare + ? on kick drum), guitar and bass in line using POD Farm. No stops, no extra noise. Computer Toshiba satellite_A505-S6033 (2009), 8G RAM, Intel® Core™ i7-720QM Processor 1.6 GHz (2.8 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology), 6MB L3 Cache Sonar Platinum Had to reduce audio file quality to allow upload. The Ocean_cover2 (64k).mp3
  5. I need to record live a full rock band. 2 guitars will be direct line (chanel 1 and 2), bass and vocal will be line input chanel 3 and 4. I would set up to run stand alone POD Farm to monitor both guitar. Is that possible? Monitoring thru DAW using POD FARM plug in brings a latency that is long enough to dificult the recording process. How could I monitor in good shape bass and voice? The idea is recording the drums with four mics while the musicians record monitoring guitars, bass and voice with headphones (i have a four split device to do that). So the main problem is have good monitoring sounds on guitar and bass to record using POD farm at same time. Can you help me to set up this session in my homestudio?
  6. Thank you! Could you explain why use the 3.5mm input jack?
  7. Any experience or ideas for using amplifi for vocal purpose? Sometimes I need a vocal amp to rehearsal with my band. Any suggestion how to set it up for vocal?
  8. I have interest no know this also! I have a UX8 and a UX2. Would be possible use both to have 2 extra inputs?
  9. Hi! Any experience running Workbench 1.75 on a MacBook Pro OS X El Capitan 10.11.1?
  10. Hi! I am a sonar X3 (PC) new user with a line6 UX8 interface. Sonar X3 is playing old projects without any issue. I can also record a guitar using input #1 and #2 (instruments inputs). The same is happening with old sonar X2. I can use loops saving in a new track and play it back. The problem comes when I try to record with mic using any others inputs (#3 to #8). I just can not have the mic signal anyway. All my drivers seems to be updated. I have tried deferents mics and cables to be sure that it is not the problem. Does anyone have faced a problem like that? Does anyone have any suggestion to try?
  11. Hi! Any improvement on this issue? I want to have this option also but as I do not how how to work electronics I am waiting on you!
  12. I have the same problem, can not even install workbench in s new mac book pro. Help!
  13. This is my hybrid variax 300 transplant to a hardtail strat body with a texas special pickup set.
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