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  1. I have had workbench on an old windows xp pc for many years and want to move to a newer windows 7 pc but I don't remember all I need to do to get line 6 monkey and workbench on the win 7 pc. I would appreciate any help.The mind goes when you get old. 65JAGUAR
  2. Variax 600 through Pod/xt Pro win XP I gave up trying to solve this problem in Sept 2011. I got tired of arguing about whether or not i was hearing the unamplified strings through my headphones even when the sounds were blasting away in my ears. It is a sometimes its there sometimes it's not problem. I just don't used the alternate tuning that day and maybe the next time I try it it works without the ghost sounds. Or I use a real kapo when I want it. What version of Workbench are you using? Are you usiing OS Mountain Lion? The reason I ask is that I just got a new Macbook Pro and from what I have read here it seems workbench will not work in Mavericks. in another thread i received a response saying there would be no further development of workbench to work in Mavericks. I am unhappy!!!
  3. I find this to be a very frustrating response. I realize line 6 is in business to make money, but historically people retain analog guitars for very long periods time and I would think line 6's business model would hope people would keep their digital guitars for a long period of time. Part of that long term commitment is I spend my hard earned $'s to buy line 6 equipment and line 6 supports it for a long period of time. Line 6 has chosen to use the "personal computer" to provide a critical, highly marketed component (Workbench) of the variax guitar line of equipment. Changing/evolving operating systems is a given in the computer world that line 6 operates in. I am pissed off that 3 1/2 years after I bought my Variax 600 new, a critical component is SOL. I expect I am going to soon find out that my PodXT pro won't work with my MBP either. That is something I will explore at a later date. I have been a loud proponent of Line 6 equipment with everyone I talk to about music but this experience is souring me on Line 6. I wonder what the people who have spent $1.5K to $5K+ will think when in a couple of years down the road line 6 chooses not to support the operating system they are using for workbench!!!!
  4. When is there going to be an newer version of Workbench to work with Mavericks? Workbench 1.75 is almost 20 months old. I need to migrate workbench from my XP pc really soon (Microsoft is stopping supporting XP in a couple of days). I have a brand new 15" Macbook Pro Retina that I want to use.
  5. Does this mean it is possible to to run java 1.6 in mavericks or is this just a guess? From the quick look through google I have had, it seems that is could be problematic in mavericks. I don't know what that really means, but makes we wonder if running 1.6 can in fact be done and what is the impact on my mac.
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