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  1. I did the update and followed the instructions ( atleast i think i did) and it wont restore from backup) i get a red "X" when its finished with the "presets" part of update. So now when i power on my stomp theres no presets. What can i do? Thanks, Tim
  2. Hey guys- i followed all the steps and updated my HX stomp to 2.92 and then I tried to do the “restore from backup “ part and it won’t restore. Anyone know how to help? thanks
  3. I have tried to sync m5 to pro tools via midi beat clock...its finnicky at best. And the bpm always reads a hair off such as 75.08 or 85.08 ....am i doing something wrong? thanks, Tim
  4. Question...is anyone else experiencing this? When i enter in, tap in, midi in a tempo, such as 75 bpm....it always goes to 75.08 bpm or 74.98 or close but i can never get it dead onto the bpm. Anyone have this? It happens on my Pod HD500 AND on my M5
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