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  1. I have the Amplifi150. It's my bedroom amp. I plug in, pick a tune to jam to, select a tone from the suggested list and play. Dead simple. I like how it sounds and I like how simple it is to use. I had a POD HD, but always found myself tweaking rather then playing. If I was planning to gig, I would have chosen the Firehawk 1500. I really like the tablet/phone interface for editing patches. I was using the mobile pod app prior to getting the Amplifi 150 and got hooked on its simple interface, especially the sliders.
  2. I have the Variax 500 and I still regularly rotate to it. I love the dead quiet sound. My house has a lot of electrical interference so much that hum buckers aren't quiet let alone single coils. Changing strings to half wound really improved the plinky squeak I would get moving around the neck on the Variax. Does it replace my other guitars? Not in the sense I would sell off any of them as each is unique and special to me, but it gets played more often then the others. I did try to go the roland gk3 / gp10 route but I never was completely satisfied with the sound of all the models. I hated that it was more complicated to change models then my variax. I wish line 6 would make a lefty variax again. Not to replace my old 500 but at least so I could have one that is still supported via the software. I can't even install workbench on my macbook pro. Luckily I have an older macbook air that still has it installed. I like the ability to create models.
  3. I just changed my strings from my usual 10s round wound to 11s flat wound. What difference does it make on the high pitched string squeak that is more prominent on the Variax then my regular guitars, especially with the brighter pickups. gone, no string squeak at all.
  4. I have had a Variax 500 since 2004. I use it like any of my other guitars. I plug it in and play. If I change models on the Variax I might need to turn a knob or two on the amp just like I would with my real guitars. I would be all over a $700 JTV if they made a lefty. The Variax is dead quiet, the electric models sound good. I don't use the acoustic models much. They aren't bad, but not like an acoustic in a room, more like a recording of one.
  5. I only have the 500. It is the only Variax made lefty. I bought when it first came out. Never had any problems with it. It stays in tune and the neck is comfortable. The electric models are very convincing to my ears. I have a very noisy house even my humbuckers pickup hum, but not my variax. It is so dead quiet. If they ever release another lefty Variax, I will be ordering on day one as I did with my 500. As for looks, I don't mind the lack of pickups. I won't use them. I have plenty of guitars with high quality pickups that I could use if I wanted real pickups. I do dislike the strat body, gibson style headstock combo. But the guitar is light and the neck is comfortable and tones are sweet.
  6. I pre-ordered this guitar the moment they were available through Guitar Center. I think this was December 2004. Other then strings and strap locks, I haven't changed a thing on it. It rotates in and out of use as I have several guitars. Currently I am playing it with rechargeable batteries. I had hoped when the JTV guitars were announced they would have a lefty and I hoped when the new Yamaha Variax Standard came out it would be available in lefty. Ah no such luck. Either way, I am still happy with the sounds the original produces. My main worry is the old lefties aren't really available much anymore and who knows in what state, so if my 500 dies I am probably out of luck. Too bad, there aren't enough of us lefties to make it economical for Line 6 to produce more. It really is an amazing piece of technology.
  7. Really? I thought they were soldered on. Maybe this was on the old Variaxs. So if I did get a JTV, I would just have to change the order of the piezos, nut and restring it? Very tempting.
  8. You can't just flip the strings around on a variax. the computer inside knows which string is which for the alt tunings and 12 string instruments. I bought the variax 500 lefty the moment they released it. I would have bought a JTV in lefty if it was possible. I will be getting a Standard if they end up releasing a lefty. I still play my 500 all the time. I don't care about the magnetic pickups so much as the higher quality of the modelling especially the 12 string models and acoustics.
  9. Which locking tuners did you install? I have a 500 I have been wanting to do this to, but I haven't found which tuners would be a drop in replacement for the factory ones.
  10. I play bass and Jam Up Pro has lots of bass amp choices. Mobile POD has none so I didn't even try it for gigging. I do like playing guitar through it though. I also have Amplitube but haven't tried it yet for bass yet. I think it only has two choices.
  11. Funny thing I tried it again yesterday and now Amplitube is working. I didn't change and settings on Amplitube. Not sure what happened. I am glad it is working. I have noticed that if the Sonic Port is not being recognized that a reboot of the iPad will bring it back. Had that happen Saturday during sound check. Luckily the reboot bought it back.
  12. I am not getting any noticeable latency when using Jam Up Pro with Sonic Port. I had three gigs over the weekend that I used it and no-one in the band noticed any difference compared to the hardware preamp I used before the Sonic Port.
  13. I was using the 1/4" out on the Sonic Port to my pignose hog 30. Mobile POD worked great but Amplitube wasn't making any sound.
  14. Hi thanks for the help. Can you explain the where the fx section is in Ampitube. I can't seem to find it. In the settings section it looks like Amliptube sees that I have a digital audio input, but no sound comes out. I don't see any routing choices in the settings section.
  15. cool. I have the audio bus app but didn't think about using it this way. How do you set it up? Does Mobile POD go in the input slot and my sheet music app in the output slot? Thanks.
  16. I took my sonic port and ipad mini out on a gig over the weekend and it performed beautifully. I play bass in a acoustic trio and already use the ipad mini for my sheet music. I figured that I could also use it as my pre-amp for my bass. Unfortunately Mobile POD does not have a bass amp nor can you sleep the screen and keep playing. Sonic port does work perfectly with Jam Up Pro. I was able to tune my bass, setup my sound in Jam Up Pro and switch over to Forscore for reading my music. And when I didn't need the music, I could put the screen to sleep and keep playing. It only used 20% battery life for a two hour gig. Wish list for POD Mobile: sleeping the screen does not stop the sound bass amps and effects
  17. the headphone volume on your ipad or iphone as well as the volume control in he app both have to be adjusted
  18. I just got my sonic port and it does not work with IK Amplitube for iPad. Anyone else actually get this to work and how did you? Thanks
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