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  1. Hello, I have a DT50 112 and HD500X using L6 link. I am struggling with understanding the best way to use this setup. L6 Link, 4 cable method or just direct to the amp. Right now I am using the Plexi bright pre amp but I feel i'm not getting the same sound as I do direct into the Amp with the same model selected. ( USED the DT50 EdiT software to assign a Pexi brite to channel A and JCM to Channel B. signal chain - EP silverburst into G70 wireless > out to Tc helicon Correct XT into the HD500X. BAd Horsie II wah in the effects loop of the HD500X. Digital cable out of HD500X to L6 link on the Amp. Reading forums, it seems it might have something to do with routing and settings. Not sure what I am doing wrong but it just doesnt have the punch that the Amp has? Need help. AC DC.5xe Covers.5xe 80's Rock Covers.5xe
  2. L6_KnowIrAll, Any chance we can connect privately.... I could really use your expertise with my L6 gear. I have the DT50 112 and the HD500X. I have both the HD500X edit software as well as the DT50 third party edit software..... I am trying to minimize equipment and maximize capabilities.... Preferably just a guitar and the HD500X either into the PA or my own full range speaker and then just need a method getting the sound into the monitors. Otherwise, a method for obtaining the same sound i get direct into the Amp while using FX's from the HD500X. right now I run my guitar into a boss tuner, bad horsie 2 wah, EQ pedal and then into the front of the amp. I use a simple foot switch to go between A clean and B dirty. In the FX's loop is a Ibanez phaser / flanger and a DD& delay. I also do not understand the voicing thing on the DT50.... The thir party edit software seemed to have me thinking I can assign 4 different Pre amp Models to each voicing each with an A & B setting? My friend states no its 2 AMp models with 4 voicings for either A & B. I am now playing in an AC DC tribute band (Rhythm Gutiar) and we also do a variety of different covers (boys are back in Town, Rainbow in the dark, rock of ages, american band, american girl, Immigrant song, Heartbreaker, etc...) I also have an acoustic 12 string guitar which I will need to introduce into the mix.... not sure if I send that balanced out of the guitar to the PA or an A/B switch into the POD HD for some effects like chorus delay etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not exactly sure how we can connect live if you have some time to help or a few patches you wouldnt mind sharing and I could try. thanks, Rob
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    Wet Dry Wet Setup

    cant seem to download the diagram... can you repost please
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