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  1. I just read that you plugged a bass/guitar directly in (answered my question). One thing I've noticed with the POD, is when you crank your volume down really low and use amp models (such as the treadplate) trying to get that "clean" sound, there is still some static that I think exists just from the modeling. Have you tried using different guitars with higher gain pickups? Higher gauge strings? Are your inputs in the POD menu set to GUITAR/SAME for inputs 1 and 2? I've gotten this kind of breakup if I'm using the pitch shift, at the end of a sustained note, the processor doesn't have enough signal to interpret what to do.
  2. Are you sure its not just the wireless (G50) not getting enough of a signal from your guitar? Do you get the same distortion when you are plugged directly into the POD?
  3. Hey guys, So I've recently picked up the DT50, and one of the 4x12 cabs with the Celestion V30s in it (sounds friggin killer), but lately I've noticed a slight buzz when i'm playing heavier palm muted notes, especially on the decay of the note. I've taken the back off the cabinet and tightened all the screws on the speakers and everything looks fine, but I'm still getting some of that buzz. I think its coming from the center post (that's stapled to the front of the cab, and then the back panel screws into it). I was thinking of maybe putting some poster putty (the blue stuff) around the edges and working it in there, because I'm hesitant to just glue it all up. Do any of you guys have experience with this, or have you done anything else to your 4x12 to get rid of any unwanted sounds? I've done some research, and seen a few forum posts about similar things, but I figured I'd give a shout out to the L6 community. Thanks! -Jason
  4. Hey guys, Basically, I picked up a DT50 head, and I have a POD HD500X connected with the Line 6 Link. I really love the natural tone coming out of the IV channel (modern high gain, pentode, class A/B), and I really dig the clean as well (the I channel). Is there any way to utilize these natural presets with the POD, and have the POD change between say channel A and channel B that I have dialed in through the amp? I've read that the DT50 uses the same kind of modelling as the HD500x, but I havent been able to find the same preamp/cab matchup using the pod that gives me the same sound as just using the settings straight from the DT50 without any modification by the POD. Have you guys had any experience with this? Is there a certain pre-amp and cab setting that the modern high gain (IV) voicing uses thats inside the POD HD500x? Also, I've read that all the effects dialed in through the chain of the pod come through the front of the amp, if no modelling has been selected on the POD? Is it possible to use the DT50s distortion in place of the amp on the POD, and still put effects pre and post? Thanks!! I really dig the sound coming out of this, and I hope that I can dial it in, because I'd really like to keep it, but it just seems to be so difficult to find a video or forum/literature outlining this exact thing. All the videos just demo the DT50 and show how much of a beast it is. Thanks again! -Jason
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