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  1. i also have a pair of DT-50's which with 2.0 really DO sound exceptional. But, back to topic. I have a helix and have only connected it to the 2 dt'S via Analog connection. Trying the typical (and NOT so typical) Helix Stereo Send (pre of the amp models of course) to the front of each DT50,,which, realistically as much as you're gonna' hate to hear it-gives the best sound IF YOU SELECT THE RIGHT PRE EFFECTS. WHen I tried to go to STEP 2 {aka} bringing the DT50's SEND back INTO the HELIX STEREO (one DT50 per side L and R) Return to POST effect processing ie. Delay, Reverb, Cabinet IRs, etc. and then take a another set of SENDS panned L and R and placed at the very end of the line, and sent those to each DT50's effect RETURN, and then letting it go into the TUBE section and then out to each DT50's 4x12 Cabinet. IT WORKED...BUT...it became very difficult to get gains throught the Helix set to a POINT that didn't cause TOO much noise (even with noise gate right before the Helix's final OUTPUT) and the other end of the spectrum was squealing from too much gain going into the Power amp Buffer stage. Oh, and by the way, if you're curious why I used a set of SENDS to go out to the DT50s instead of the Helix's Main outs? I suggest YOU try that for yourself. You will NOT be happy.
  2. yep, 2012 is the last year they did anything
  3. I have to admit Jason, I would consider myself pretty tech savvy with regard to Line 6 products but I'm in the same boat as you. I can't figure out Exactly what's what as far as what part is POD HD500x and what part is DT-50! I actually just bought TWO DT50 heads so I could keep my whole setup Stereo / have two amp chains on at the same time. Also, I found the pair at a Guitar Center in Minneapolis for $599 each brand new...too hard to pass up :-) So, the two heads connected with 1 L6 link XLR cable and controlled via MIDI and NO POD HD: the DT50's sound great. All the amp models are there for either Channel A or B. Then, guitar into the HD500x and connected to the 2 DT50's via L6 link Cable and it's not the same sound. It's the sound of the Modeled POD HD amps into the DT50's. AND - I CANNOT get POST EFFECTS. Regardless of where I place the effects, they are ALL PRE. And I've tried all different L6 link settings for Ch A/B, AMP 1, AMP A, LEFT, MIDI CH 3 / 4, etc. I'm wondering if 4 cable method is the only way to separate Pre and Post.
  4. My HD500x GOes through this REBOOT problem EVERY SINGLE TIME I turn it off for more than a few days. ANd then I have to disconnect EVERY cable that is plugged into it: SPDIF, Guitar, Variax, FX Loop, USB, etc. And then and ONLY then will the RIght KEY / or Left key held down while Power up trick work. And then of course I have to recalibrate the foot pedal all over again. I have NO IDEA why some of these HD500x units do this but I wish they'd come u[p with a fix SOON!
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