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  1. I'm already on 3.01 since it came out. The tap delay malfunction is still there and has been since day one. As I said, I'm immensely impressed with the helix, but for a new unit of this price, I don't understand how this can be a problem, since the DD4, Podxt live and PodHd500 I've owned never caused any problem with the tap delays. I use delays all the time and this is a real pain in the lollipop.
  2. I'm having this same problem for quite some time now. Hoped the 3.0(1) update would've fixed it but that's not the case. Which is a shame. I've owned a DD4, pod xt live, podHD500 and now the Helix. Although I'm immensely impressed with the Helix, this is the only line6 unit i had that has this kind of problem. At one point I theorized that the touch sensitivity caused problems but after turning off this function in global settings, the problem remained. Maybe it's a hardware problem that cause the malfunctioning of the switches on some units... Nonetheless, it's a pain, so if anyone has a solution, I'm glad to hear it!
  3. I have a problem with the helix tap tempo button not responding as it should. This is a problem for a lot of people, when you start reading on the internet. Having owned a DL4, a podxt live and pod HD500 where the tap tempo buttons all reacted well, this baffled me because, hey, technology should be improving over the years... I have been tinkering with that button quite a while and i've become convinced that the problem lies with the touch sensitive buttons. In my experience, the HX unit reads false tempo's when you hold your foot/hand on the button between taps. When you lift your foot/hand, it reacts properly. Unfortunately, I do rest my foot on the button a lot while tapping. Do you think it is plausible that this is the cause of this problem? And if so, is there a way to get rid of the touch sensitivity for this one button? And I mean completely getting rid of it because disabling touch for '"stomp select" in global settings doesn't solve the trick.
  4. As Ibanez19 says, this problem is still occurring in 2.82. A few minutes ago I got stuck in preset mode, I couldn't enter stomp or snapshot mode. I've also encountered problems on the main display, where blocks aren't shown but are even black (so the signal chain lign shows broken) and I've also had the little displays above the stomp switches in different modes (some showing presets, others showing stomps or snapshots) This problem keeps bugging me since august (2.80 or 2.81, I don't recall) and I find the lack of a decent solution extremely disturbing. This is a real downside in the competition against kemper or fractal...
  5. This answer is completely beside the question. I need to perform a global reset when my Helix stuck in snapshot mode. The point is that this is that this "stuck in snapshot" mode is a huge problem while gigging. It costs way to much time when on stage to perform a global reset + some of my global settings are restored to factory reset. I can hardly perform a backup restoration while on stage. The display errors and bank up/down switch problems are inconvenient but I can deal with that when playing live. It costs me some extra foot taps however and one would expect better from one of the flagship models of a company... The point is that performing a global reset + having to restore my backup is not a solution for a recurring software problem. It's not that I've done anything special with my helix, beside creating about 20 of my own presets in my own playlist + tweaked some global settings about the behaviour of my expression pedal + manual return to stomp mode from snapshot mode. As shown in this thread (and apparently others), this is problem occurs to several people. I however don't see any mention of a solution for the "stuck in snapshot mode"-problem listed in the description of bug fixes for the 2.82 upgrade... I sincerely hope this problem is gone...
  6. I don't see any mention of a solution for the "stuck in snapshot mode"-problem listed in the description of bug fixes for 2.82... This is a recurring problem AND terribly anoying while gigging... I hope there will be a solution provided shortly When i do a global reset, the problem is gone, but also are some general parameters i tweaked... This is a real pain in the lollipop while on stage and doing a global reset just isn't a solution. There should be a fundamental sollution for a product like this very soon... I've also encountered some other display errors and the bank up down don't work in the correct order when in stomp or snapshot mode...
  7. Still waiting for 2.82... Any idea if this will be released soon???
  8. Same problem over here... Still no update...??? Anoying. I hope this won't happen while gigging, cause global resetting the device also erases my own built patches... lollipop!
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