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  1. Hate windows updates

  2. I have exactly the same problem.. Now I had to use the onboard sound device as an output recording works fine, but now I need to make a video editing with voiceover tonite.. and I wont be able to use both audio devices with asio drivers (downloading asio4all now) Let me ask you, is ur windows 10 upgraded from windows 8 or seven? or is it a fresh install? warning!!!! it gets a lot worse after the last windows 10 anniversary update We need to help each other looks like the line6 guys wont give us any solution at all last updated driver is from may/16 But I'm glad this is also happening to other person I thought it was a UX2 itself the one that was failing
  3. I have been using my UX2 for several years now, very happy until I got a condenser Mic, I have used Microphones before I know how to select the proper instrument, I already went to several threads about the subject, but no luck My Microphone is an AudioTechnica AT2020 XLR Condenser and Of course I already have tested this one on different equipment Everything works but the Phantom power (my guess) Is there any way to check what is the problem? can it be fixed? Thanks
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