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  1. I'm a longtime garage-band-quality Variax + 500X player just recently wanting to see a laptop display of the FX/AMPS/CONTROLLERS from a few feet away. W10 and 17-inch HP laptop. Wanna make minor tone tweaks during rehearsal and save them while playing thru PA. Dum question I guess but I have to put on glasses and scrunch down to see the smallish 500X display. Sorry if this is actually a Windows question, but I'd really like a fullscreen display. And while I am embarrassing myself, why can't 500X Edit toggle to a stereo signalpath waveform display, eg. freq vs amplitude on the very same laptop. That would be cool. Huh? warcloudwells
  2. Yaay. Ditching the dongle worked. I had not read about that trick before. However, interesting that it took maybe four times longer thru the HD500X. I'm just glad my -59 did not get reset - I use all the customs, and probably could not rebuild them. Thanks Cruisinon.
  3. Yikes, after about four years of routinely using workbench, just now, my 59 connected briefly, but had an upload error, then won't connect at all. Details: Got both green lights on the USB adapter as usual Tried launching workbench after guitar connected. Alternatively adding connection with workbench already running Battery freshly charged. Re-loaded Workbench with latest version Verified that all custom presets are still in the guitar by connecting to my HD500X. All normal thru headphones. What am I missing? warcloudwells
  4. My garage band wants to do the Pitbull Fireball tune. I'm rookie/learning, and in Workbench, dialed in the Acoustic3 (O-18) model, added +3 half steps and put it into Custom2, position 1 on my JTV-59. And then plugged headphones into the 500X with my custom (no-amp) patch that normally creates lovely acoustic tones thru FRFR amp in our rehearsal space. Brittle crap I hear thru headphones just now. All latest firmware/software. How to get that nylonish parlor sound that rocks the badass Cuban groove of this tune? But it must have a soft acoustic guitar sound in fast-fast 1/16ths with lots of palm muting. warcloudwells
  5. I'd weigh in with this advise - no expert. My -59 suffered "cable pull" damage months ago. I had random crackling noise thru the 500X, and worked thru the nasty issue until last week, when I screwed out the jack plate, quickly discovering that the VDI female connector was cracked/broken. I then applied a superglue repair and it is reliably holding in all the VDI (Ethernet-style) connections, although the metal VDI release tab was also glued firmly. So, on the -59, it is always a pain to release the VDI, and now it just slips out smoothly. So, no big deal to bring cable around your strap. Can play all nite, no noise. and to your specific problem, pull the plate. Possibly, all this colorful forum font will relax. Heh. Ordered a new -59 jackplate ($41) from a music Etailer "Full Compass" and playing a gig this weekend without it (they appear to be "slow boat anti-amazon"; really....two weeks to ship..?) Pull your -59 jackplate, you may discover the root cause of your problem. Hope helping, warcloudwells
  6. So last nite I plug in thru VDI to 500X and out to FRFR room amp. Standing motionless, the JTV-59 erupts in a NASTY CRACKLE (previous string title) that is nicely (kidding) framed by the amp model's plate reverb. Really horrible. Switch to 1/4-1/4 and internal power and the rest of the rehearsal is OK. There is something really WRONG WITH THIS GUITAR. Just tried to open a ticket, and seemed to hit a firewall of resistance....How do you open a service ticket? Can one of those charming gurus please contact me? This JTV is going into the closet, and the LP standard and Acoustic are going to my next gig with me. Tired now. warcloudwells
  7. OK reflashed firmware via Monkey (one time) and headed off to band practice last nite. BTW I'm using Windows10 without any issues with the L6 apps. Still having SAME noise problems with my now-more-annoying -59. Using the new heavy duty Bestronics VDI cable into the 500X, not forcing anything, and the crackle occurs randomly while playing, when it happens, I'm not changing models just playing or resting between tunes. I roll off the volume pedal for a moment flip the 3-way switch, touch the VDI connector, roll on volume and she's quiet again. I'm using custom 1 loaded with my five favorite models and the noise does not seem to be related to a model change It seems that I'm the only one with this random crackle issue and I guess I'll open a ticket. We have a gig on Labor Day and I need to hang on to her until then. UPDATING....I did not perform the reflash correctly, as I allowed Monkey to upgrade only the "USB Firmware" portion. Upon deeper reading the support pages, I learned that I had not reflashed the "Flash Memory" portion. The L6 support instructions are not totally clear (to us rookies) on what a "complete" reflash actually is - a minor quibble on my part. Now I know that I had never affected the "Flash Memory" since I got this guitar 15 months ago. It was sitting at V2.00 and now, finally, I've got it up to the current V2.21. My second minor quibble, although a bit more direct, is: ALTHOUGH I HAVE CONNECTECTED TO WORBENCH HD WITH MY -59 MANY TIMES, IT HAS NEVER INFORMED ME THAT MY FLASH MEMORY WAS NOT CURRENT. We are all supposed to be trained IT engineers? Why can't Workbench announce this? Hey, I admire all you guitar scientists that have it all figured out, but I'll also remind that some of us came out the groovy analog world after decades of playing. Whoa I'm moving from "quarter-quarter" to ethernet guitar cables...maybe too fast. Nah, just kidding. I love the sound of this guitar, and the "one-guitar" convenience. I am having occasional nasty crackle noise problems, And will report back after this Wed Nite rehearsal. Thanks all, warcloudwells specs following: [Monkey 1.7.1, JTV-59, USB Firmware 1.03, Flash Memory 2.21, Workbench 2.12, often confused]
  8. I have been having a similar problem with -59 VDI'd into a 500X. Except when the "model resetting glitch" briefly occurs, the is a loud crackling occurring once or twice during a rehearsal session. I roll off volume, flip switches and knobs, jiggle the VDI, then resume playing as if nothing happened. I had posted the "Nasty Crackle" string a couple months ago, and thought I had repaired it with a new VDI cable. Well it's back, it seems. Running 2.12.0 firmware in the -59. And not forcing anything from the 500X. I change guitar models and amp models separately and independently. Nothing fancy. Im still learning. In fact I am not sure how to fore a reflash from the Workbench HD app. Is that via the "Trasnfer/upload all to Variax" pulldown? I have certainly read that reflash is a mystery "fix" Can someone enlighten me. I'll report back in a couple days after next rehearsal. I've not ruled out a hardware problem with the -59 either. Its 15 months old and can behave a little bitchy sometimes. Thanks all warcloudwells
  9. OK, another update after last night's practice. Over the last week, I acquired a new VDI cable, which is also the subject of other current strings on this forum. I went with the Bestronics cable, which they will custom-make to your length spec. The 10-footer I acquired (about $25+$15 shipping) feels like a far better cable than Line6's 25-footer, great connectors, and of course the perfect length - I don't get very far from the 500X pedal. And the good news....no crackle, same playing experience as the 1/4-inch guitar cable, and no disapproving stares from bandmates following a noise tantrum with the Line6 25-footer. I still get a subtle snap with some model changes, I think I can live with that. The crackle sure seems fixed with the new cable. Now I can go back to working on amp models. The Bestronics VDI cable rocks. Try one.
  10. Crackle update......Enjoyed band practice this week, and for first time, played only through the 1/4 cable. At first felt weird "running on internal power", but still had two greens on battery condition after about three running hours. Now, I've read forum some strings that suggest different model sounds thru 1/4 vs VDI. I did think it was different, but in a pretty subtle way. Lester was (maybe) fatter, and acoustics had (maybe) more presence. Probably close enough to same thru 500X and FR stereo room monitor. Didn't send to board, and not the subject of this string anyway... No crackle occurred. Perfect all nite. Well except for a subtle snap between models off the 3-way switch (-59). That snap, I thought, was fixed in the latest JTV upgrade - I am running the latest, and had been pleased the snap/click had gone away earlier this year - all VDI playing. In fact, thru 1/4 cable, I could fidget with the switch and promote more or less snap. Can you guys get a snap/click out of the switch on a -59 via 1/4? So I'm thinking maybe the switch is noisy. It is mechanical after all. Should I replace? The snap would be unacceptable for model changes during recording, but is probably OK for rehearsals. Thanks
  11. I've been waiting a few weeks to post this issue because rehearing only once a week I was not sure where the occasional noise came from. Usually, the rig (-59K VDI'd thru 500X, then 1/4 inch out to stereo FR amp room monitor) performs well for about the first hour, then it has a fit of noise, then nice and quiet for the last two hours. Weird. All latest firmware and software. During the noise tantrum, I'd jiggle the VDI connectors, and kick the 500X around a bit without discovering the root cause, because it would resume noise-less behavior before I finished jiggling things around Just last nite, I switched to a plain Ethernet cable, from the OEM Line6 cable, and sure enough, the recurring snap/crackle returned about an hour into practice, then went away. This time at least I focused on the 3-way switch on the -59 and it seemed to be the culprit, most likely. So switch grounding or static buildup?? Anyone have this happen on a -59? I have not disassembled anything yet, but it would be nice if a switch changeout could fix this really annoying bad habit. Otherwise love the rig. And where to get best new switch? I'd like the change the delicate little thing anyway. I use it a lot....well I guess we all do. Heh. warcloudwells
  12. A factory switch recall would be nice, because my 10-month old -59 has a flimsy feel, played weekly. I stroke the switch carefully, unlike my sturdy LP standard which has been languishing in the guitar closet. I miss the LP action (D'addario 10's both) because I've never been able to get the -59 to play as sweetly across the whole fretboard after a couple adjustments. I think the jumbo frets are the reason. But still, as with most of you Homers, I am so thrilled with the unbelievable tonal potential of the JTV, I'll grit it out a little while longer. Oops, slightly off topic.....dang flimsy switch annoying. Warcloudwells
  13. Finally, a string that I can throw in some rook advise. I can suggest an entry level dream rig that will definitely rock a small rehersal space. I've been steadily expading my smack (playing mostly rhythm) with a semi-working band and have had my -59 for two months and the 500X for seven months. Previously switching between LP and acoustic for female-lead repertoire, mostly a hobby band, but really good musicians. I always wanted to sound tight, accurate and rich in the room, as well to the board. I also drag all my gear to Wed rehersals, and the "one guitar" Variax solution has become a big hit for me. So - relative to the subject - what single amp provides great presense in a modest rehersal space? Also, I demand a stereo image (like headphones) next to my ear, and of course tweeters that display those great models across the room. The solution that works for me is the -59 models (still learning, and up to 2.1 with no problems whatsoever), playing thru the 500X amps, in stereo, thru an Acoustic AG120S. Its; got adequate power for the sometimes loud room, and I assume will be fine along the back line next real gig. I can report to all you high-end players that the -59/500X/Acoustic AG120S amp are really really good to my still-good, but ageing ears. And I carry one guitar, one pedal board, and one amp to practice nites. It is my dream rig, I got your blue tooth amp right here. The amp weighs less than my previous Deville 410, but still a bit heavy - but it is actually two amps with great image when pointed up toward you ears in a hot room. Downside:The Acoustic AG120S is not pro gear, there can be some clipping and noise, But to my ears it has thrilled me each of the last few rehersal msessions with TWEETERS has changes my style a bit. Try the T-model twang....oh yeah. And Lester is better than ever. So, there it is - under 500 bones for a single-handle stereo guitar amp that has some balls. Maybe not FRFR, but works for me and reduces gear hoofing. Warcloudwells, rock on.
  14. With three rehersal jams under my belt with new JTV-59 (HD fw 2.0), VDI'd to 500X, and LR 1/4'd to new Acoustic 120S "FRFR" stereo room monitor, and of course balanced LR to board, well, I've assembled my version of a Dream Rig. It sounds fabulous and my bandmates are very complementary about the range of guitar sounds and the crisp presense in the Acoustic amp - tweeters baby. But I am having serious trouble getting all the pieces to play together well on the fly - hence "Distracted Playing". Maybe just more time will fix this, but my ageing brain cell kinda longs for the old days - where you just plugged into your favorite amp. So I'd like to initially pose two questions, and then maybe this string will reveal you experts' shortcuts and advise. Question 1 - What level to leave the -59 volume knob? I'd like one less knob to turn between tunes. Changing guitar models, 500X amp models, and even room amp gains - well that's a big workload, I'm looking down at my gear, missing vocal cues, and generally being distracted by my gear. I've been workbenching the -59 model levels between rehersals (Spank up, Lester and Acoustics down), and going the right direction there, with more tweaking to go. But I was getting surprising thin guitar sounds this week when I realized the guitar volume knob was down to about 30%. Crap - too many knobs - I'd like to leave the volume knob alone at say 80% and tweak all the guitar models and Amp models I use in the 500X accordingly. I should say I play mostly rhythm and must switch deftly between electric and acoustic. Used to take maybe 10-12 seconds putting down the trusty Les Paul, picking up the acoustic stomping the Morley switcher, and switching 500X banks. Question 2 - How to get great acoustic tones by simply turning the model knob and switching user banks on the 500X pedal? That's two simple actions that should take 4-5 seconds and that first opening acoustic strum should just be perfect. Well that takes practice, practice, practice I guess. I switch 500X banks because I put acoustic voices together - all without amps, just pre's and various EQ and modulation effects. And I know the -59 custom 1 is a good short cut, but have not workbenched that yet. How would you guys make the switch without fumbling, keeping eye contact with bandmates and having the confidence that first strum would nail it? Love this gear, but sometimes feel I have created a monster.
  15. Make sure you are using the correct powerbrick for the 500X. Do not assume (as I initially did) that an X3L brick would power the 500X. We it kinda did, but sometimes the Line6 logo would just flash repeatedly - as you noted. Also check the your 500x brick is providing 9VDC.
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