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  1. I am having the exact same issue. This is after about a year of not using either the Variax or PODxt. I updated most of the software/drivers through monkey, which makes me wonder if it is a software issue. Variax works fine. PODxt Live works fine. Plug the variax in with VDI and the Pod freezes. I can't change anything. The Variax will still change voicings. Keep the Variax plugged with VDI and reboot the POD....the POD won't even boot up properly, it freezes on the Line 6 logo page. I unplug the VDI, Pod finishes booting up. I am able to change settings and programs. Plug into USB Variax interface, the guitar side just flashes red and neither Workbench nor Monkey will recognize the guitar.
  2. 1. Yes 2. Yes, through Monkey 3. Depends on the software and set up, I believe
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