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  1. I am having the exact same issue. This is after about a year of not using either the Variax or PODxt. I updated most of the software/drivers through monkey, which makes me wonder if it is a software issue. Variax works fine. PODxt Live works fine. Plug the variax in with VDI and the Pod freezes. I can't change anything. The Variax will still change voicings. Keep the Variax plugged with VDI and reboot the POD....the POD won't even boot up properly, it freezes on the Line 6 logo page. I unplug the VDI, Pod finishes booting up. I am able to change settings and programs. Plug into USB Variax interface, the guitar side just flashes red and neither Workbench nor Monkey will recognize the guitar.
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    1. Yes 2. Yes, through Monkey 3. Depends on the software and set up, I believe