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  1. Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before, but how do you set up Helix to control an Eventide H9 via midi? I am asking the same question on the Eventide forum too as I'm not certain which of the two devices is the one that needs to have its settings changed. My objective is to call up a preset on Helix which will then tell the H9 to switch to a certain effect. Currently (and with no H9 integrated or attached in any way), when I recall a preset on the Helix it automatically changes the amp channel on my Marshall JVM via Midi cable. The Marshall and the Helix were easy to pair as the Marshall detected the incoming midi signal and, by using buttons on the amp, I set the amp to 'learn/store' which channel to switch to preset by preset. I didn't really have to do anything to the Helix as I recall. So, at least I know that the Helix is sending out midi change messages...but when I attach the H9 to the same midi cable that 'talks' so successfully to the Marshall, the H9 is unresponsive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hi. Does anyone using the 4CM with JVM Series amplifiers know how to control the Master 1 and Master 2 channel change without using Midi? The JVM footswitch does it by using any standard jack mono lead from the footswitch to the footswitch input on the back of the amp, so it's clearly possible to do it without a midi signal as far as I can see. My objective - within a preset - is to control the Master 1 / Master 2 from a footswitch on Helix for solo boosts. Any help gratefully received.
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