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  1. Well, after reading about the issues caused by the upgrade, I held my breath and installed 2.0… Went off without a hitch. I don’t know if it’s confirmation bias, but I have to say the pod go seems more responsive and livelier. I’ve only played around with the “dumble” model and man, it sounds great! I love having a gain channel. Hopefully there won’t be any show stopper bugs with this update ‘cause I kinda need my pedal for a gig next week.
  2. In your opinion, am I correct in assuming that if I don’t use the effect loop that the offending caps will have no effect?
  3. Fwiw, removing C124 clears up the input jack - it was like taking a wet blanket off the sound. I wasn’t aware of the effects return having the same issue as I don’t use it. I have not noticed anything detrimental occurring from removing that cap. I can’t comment on the effect return. It would be nice if L6 was more transparent on the issue. I will say that removing C124 was like taking a wet blanket off the POD Go. I’m using it for the effects only into a squeaky clean fender quad reverb and it sounds great now.
  4. I'm not going to beat this to death, but... this does smell like the path of least exposure/expense for L6 at their customer's expense. Not that this type of practice is isolated to them, but I generally find it distasteful as a customer. Absent any statement or information from L6, my guess is the internal conversation probably goes like this: "well, if people don't bring it to our attention, they must not really be that effected by the problem, so we'll just fix the units brought to our attention, and do a slip-stream fix for new units". That lets them rationalize being the "good guy" by fixing out-of-warranty units, but in my opinion, it's a short-sighted, not customer centric and a shady business practice. I don't like it one bit. Anyway, onward. I'll probably "do the thing" myself and move along. I don't want to be without the POD GO, I do like it. Running the buffered pedal in front of it really makes a huge difference. I have much experience building with SMDs, so I'm sure I can "do the thing" safely and keep on rockin.
  5. I see how Line 6 is addressing it, or more accurately, NOT addressing it. There is no announcement here in the support forum from L6, there is no reply from their reps about the issue online. I'm not on facebook, so whatever's going on there, I'm either not seeing it with a google search, or it doesn't exist. What we do see is people commenting that they sent their units in, and they were fixed. That, and random youtube videos showing how remove what may, or may not be, the offending component. Is that the official company response to an obvious design flaw impacting what I assume is a very well selling, popular unit? Has L6 publicly acknowledged this issue? I'd like to see an official response from the company. The way I see it, that's not making users of the product aware of this hardware issue, it's fixing it quietly for people who complain and hoping most of the owners won't notice, alleviating the company from the expense of fixing the units. Anyway, I'll most definitely consider this experience the next time I'm in the market for a multi-effects unit.
  6. I've been using my POD go playing live for about a year now. I pretty much use it as a multi-effects pedal, running through a tube amp (i.e. no amp or speaker model). I never really compared the "plugged straight into the amp" tone with the "plugged into the pod go but all effects off" sound. I just eq'ed my amp and let it rip. Today I made that comparison, and, well, tone suck city going through the POD go. As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, I put a stand-alone buffered EQ pedal (fish & chips) in front of the POD go, and it sprang to life. My strat was shimmery again and my tele twangy. So, one more data point for y'all. I hope Line 6 acknowledges this issue.
  7. This update is amazing! Naming snapshots and renaming the buttons is awesome! I especially like be able to rename the “multiple(2)” buttons. Diving in over the next few nights oughta be fun!
  8. Is it a ZIP file? If so, did you unzip it before attempting to use it?
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