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  1. I got all excited by this, ok, finally, a way to make it work! BUT, alas, it did not make any difference in my case, the same message about failing to connect to the DSP. BUT #2 I dug a little deeper this time and went the route of deleting all traces of Helix Native (https://uk.line6.com/data/6/0a020a410ad46078912adaa0e/application/pdf/Helix Native Pilot's Guide - English .pdf - search for remove) and then reinstalled and voila, Logic 10.7.2 and Helix Native are now nicely playing together on a 16" Macbook Pro M1 Max. Hoorah! That made my Sunday. Thanks to all who have weighed in over the months.
  2. Just as a further followup on this, thread, I can get mine to validate as a plugin, however I still get the following as an error message and nope, it doesn't work at all. I've gone through all of the suggestions above a few times and while it's close.... Ah well! Mac specs : Macbook Pro M1 MAX, running monterey.
  3. HX Edit seems to work fine for me on a new M1 Pro Macbook Pro. Helix Native does not through anything I have tried so far.
  4. Dear Phil M, sometimes it's the simplest solutions that work and thanks! Your suggestion does exactly what I need. Many thanks!
  5. Hi there, maybe a strange request however.... I'd like to set my HD500 up so EXP2 doesn't enter into the picture, period. On a pedal board with limited room, I'd prefer to use my external expression pedal on my Eventide H9. Basically, I'd like it so that if I stepped on the EXP footswitch, it'd turn the wah on. Step on it again, it'd turn it off without switching to EXP2 if nothing else is plugged into the external EXP jack. Currently, I keep my external EXP plugged in there ONLY to fake the HD500 into treating EXP1 as only EXP1 and never switching to EXP2. Another approach would be to simply build a dummy plug that goes into the External EXP jack but, that looks to be a fairly specific resistance in order to convince the HD that there's a pedal there. SURELY there must be a better way! thanks,
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