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  1. stevef1

    POD Go Volume

    Hi just got the POD Go, is there a setting anywhere to de-couple the volume knob from the guitar outputs, the same (i think) as the HX stomp - it drives me nuts to adjust it, i d rather have the output fixed -
  2. Lol, yeah it's surprising I guess, i don't palm mute that much, more of a good rest point for my hand lol -)
  3. Hi everyone, i noticed my JTV-59 was showing some wear and tear signs LOL is this normal for the piezo saddles to show this amount of wear? still plays great, sounds great see attached image
  4. Hi anyone have a solution to charge an iPad while using the sonic port? was going to look at these: i thought if i use the 30 pin lead into the dockstubz and then get a lightining to 30 pin adaptor i should get power to charge the iPad and use the sonicport at the same time!! any ideas? thanks steve
  5. Mine did that just used switch cleaner an it's back to normal :-)
  6. H all I'm after a replacement for the volume and tone knobs on my jtv-59 ... I read some place that the shafts are thin and I'd need a particular type of knob lol. The original ones tend to slip through my sweaty fingers when I go to turn them .... Any ideas?
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