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  1. Curious whether or not "line" was ever an option under headphones monitor in previous versions of fw
  2. stumbling on this - I got the fishman triple play & can get the expression to control volume - & learn midi via a 2nd exp EV-5...problem is finding where the pitch is on some synths - can control almost every bloody dial within each synth
  3. I guess I was mistaken - variax setting on helix aren't global when it comes to don't force
  4. I thought preset variax tuning in input settings was global...I'm having to set in every patch for some reason?? I have per preset set to variax... & then models are custom to each preset...& finally don't force in tuning - I'm getting screwed up on tuning for some reason - If I have drop d set on variax...it should & USED to follow when I switched patches when set to "don't force" - I tried reset but to no avail - is this part of 2.10 bug or what...I KNOW it USED 2 work fine
  5. wasted time...not happening - oops, never mind...I lie when I drink - seems good after reboot thx
  6. I concur - if you can live without snapshots....now that I finally figured them out, I can't use them due to bug, so I've got things set to 8 presets in global
  7. apparently my download issue is due to the fact that Line6 doesn't support satellite internet - as for monkey...I did a system restore on laptop & that brought it back to life
  8. yes - thx Data...will try again today, I don't recall fw #'s for older variaxs' BUT I was surprised how good the strat sounded thru one of Glenn Delaunnes' patches(much cleaner)
  9. Thx but no - I uninstalled monkey & now can't download it or anything else straight from site (I'm logged in but get 404 error once I agree to terms & hit download) I should clarify - I was able to select certain banks after thru hd workbench but if I still HAD monkey..jtv isn't showing up in items to update...I'm unsure if the other lin6 updater should show it or whether it's strictly for Helix
  10. As usual...as soon as I post - then I get er' going - Jesus man - All I wanted was to see what fw was loaded in the guitar...the spank actually sounded bright Spoke too soon - somehow I got the fw onto 69 BUT can't load specific bank from other fav's & still can't downlaod anything from line 6
  11. I got a new jtv69, but I'm tearing my hair out trying to get the interface to see it...I figured it's because I had HD workbench installed so swapping between computers, but using same interface (maybe that's the issue?) I get a message saying to update the fw on the guitar...how - won't let me & yes, both vdi & 1/4 are plugged & fully charged batteries - ALSO, am unable to download from line6 - certain software (monkey, etc...) I get this Not FoundThe requested URL /data was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.20 (FreeBSD) OpenSSL/1.0.1s-freebsd Server at line6.com Port 80
  12. I had some fancy cable before, switched to clean for now, hasn't acted up yet
  13. Sorry for delay - no idea brother...guy never kept in contact w/me - he lost out on warranty as well
  14. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue w/dt25 combo& link...middle of a song & bang....nothing(silence) - I recall it happened w/hd500 linked as well (I was concerned about my helix..then I remembered) Also happened twice on stage - tuned up....made sure I had sound - then when it came time to play...silence - the only fix is to reboot amp Maybe my link is bad?
  15. diggerbarnz

    red eye

    Sorry - just figured I was in recall mode...didn't realize that was the default...my fault
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