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  1. Curious whether or not "line" was ever an option under headphones monitor in previous versions of fw
  2. stumbling on this - I got the fishman triple play & can get the expression to control volume - & learn midi via a 2nd exp EV-5...problem is finding where the pitch is on some synths - can control almost every bloody dial within each synth
  3. I guess I was mistaken - variax setting on helix aren't global when it comes to don't force
  4. I thought preset variax tuning in input settings was global...I'm having to set in every patch for some reason?? I have per preset set to variax... & then models are custom to each preset...& finally don't force in tuning - I'm getting screwed up on tuning for some reason - If I have drop d set on variax...it should & USED to follow when I switched patches when set to "don't force" - I tried reset but to no avail - is this part of 2.10 bug or what...I KNOW it USED 2 work fine
  5. wasted time...not happening - oops, never mind...I lie when I drink - seems good after reboot thx
  6. I concur - if you can live without snapshots....now that I finally figured them out, I can't use them due to bug, so I've got things set to 8 presets in global
  7. apparently my download issue is due to the fact that Line6 doesn't support satellite internet - as for monkey...I did a system restore on laptop & that brought it back to life
  8. yes - thx Data...will try again today, I don't recall fw #'s for older variaxs' BUT I was surprised how good the strat sounded thru one of Glenn Delaunnes' patches(much cleaner)
  9. Thx but no - I uninstalled monkey & now can't download it or anything else straight from site (I'm logged in but get 404 error once I agree to terms & hit download) I should clarify - I was able to select certain banks after thru hd workbench but if I still HAD monkey..jtv isn't showing up in items to update...I'm unsure if the other lin6 updater should show it or whether it's strictly for Helix
  10. As usual...as soon as I post - then I get er' going - Jesus man - All I wanted was to see what fw was loaded in the guitar...the spank actually sounded bright Spoke too soon - somehow I got the fw onto 69 BUT can't load specific bank from other fav's & still can't downlaod anything from line 6
  11. I got a new jtv69, but I'm tearing my hair out trying to get the interface to see it...I figured it's because I had HD workbench installed so swapping between computers, but using same interface (maybe that's the issue?) I get a message saying to update the fw on the guitar...how - won't let me & yes, both vdi & 1/4 are plugged & fully charged batteries - ALSO, am unable to download from line6 - certain software (monkey, etc...) I get this Not FoundThe requested URL /data was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.20 (FreeBSD) OpenSSL/1.0.1s-freebsd Server at line6.com Port 80
  12. I had some fancy cable before, switched to clean for now, hasn't acted up yet
  13. Sorry for delay - no idea brother...guy never kept in contact w/me - he lost out on warranty as well
  14. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue w/dt25 combo& link...middle of a song & bang....nothing(silence) - I recall it happened w/hd500 linked as well (I was concerned about my helix..then I remembered) Also happened twice on stage - tuned up....made sure I had sound - then when it came time to play...silence - the only fix is to reboot amp Maybe my link is bad?
  15. diggerbarnz

    red eye

    Sorry - just figured I was in recall mode...didn't realize that was the default...my fault
  16. diggerbarnz

    red eye

    I seem to recall there was a red eye or circle behind the snaphot # on each in app - I had to do a reset recently & patches that have snapshots used in them don't light up that way anymore - they still work, just trying to figure out whether it should be lit up or not
  17. cudda used this 3 days ago! Good stuff
  18. Sorry if this has been covered & I didn't see it , but as far as the Known Bugs in DT edit...I was not able to get some of the DT's values when syncing. Getting values from the amp is not documented at all and I hope that I will get some help from Line6 here. But I've not received a response from them yet. Currently the following dials and controls will not show the current state of the DT: Reverb A: Decay, Pre Delay, Tone and Bypass state. Reverb B: Decay, Pre Delay, Tone and Bypass state. The editor will alter these values only when you actually move a dial. If you don't touch these controls then the amp will keep it's stored settings. Does this apply if I chose NO AMPS? Or do I have to go in again & touch on every dial Thanks
  19. do you have to set certain midi channel BEFORE starting this hookup of interface? - seems to me you had to be on channel 1 when updating DT amp etc
  20. yes -but after assigning to snapshots...didn't know what to do! lol - save/home/?
  21. I was pressing too damn long - throwing me for a loop...gettin there slowly thx
  22. do you have to use a pitch shift block assigned to do this? I downloaded the B-bender patch but it doesn't display properly & it affects all patches globally afterwards! Not doing something right lol
  23. the "Hank Marvin" one on customtone is nice. . .
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