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  1. Thanks for your replies :) I did actually wonder at one point if it was the XLR's so i'll get them swapped out straight away. Yeah i'll also have to make sure on the cab impedance, so I can get the best out of the cab at practice. R Really appreciate it again guys :)Jo Jonny
  2. When I use my gear at practice or live i use go > Pod Hd Pro > 2xXLR into Matrix GT800) > Matrix to 4x12 cab (using chanel's A+B and cab usually set to stereo. I often find that I turn both chanels on the Matrix get turned up to between 1 and 3 (o'clock) and the Pod up to 3-4 (o'clock) just to get loud enough at practice. Am I missing something or should those settings make the sound REALLY loud? I wouldn't have thought i'd need to turn them up that much, but I have to, and then it starts to lose the tone the louder I take it. I ask this because our other guitarist goes through a line 6 head unit (150w) and has a lot lower wattage, but it's still a hell of a lot louder (and clearer) I even turn up the amp volume on the patches, and nothing :/ -What is the best technical set up for playing through a cab? i.e. connections to and from all units, studio/direct output etc. -Is there a certain setting/method on the Pod which can drive the cab louder? Seams weird seeing as the Matrix is 400w per chanel compared to the 150w head unit and isn't as loud. -Could it possibly be the cab that is crap? It's a marshall, not sure what model but its got jcm900 in the corner. I'm just so confused as I would have thought my power amp would make my rig the loudest thing in the room. Any response is graetly appreciated and sorry if this appears a bit thick to some
  3. Hi there Thanks for the info dude. Are the preamp's the amps with pre at the end of it in HD Edit? What would I have to set the Ground/ Lift switch to and also what would I have to put the mic/line switch on to?
  4. Hi guys I have chosen the option to run xlr to my power amp and onwards to my cab. Just wondering what settings you have your switches on the back? Would you have the switches in different positions for running unbalanced to a computer and xlr to power amp? Cheers
  5. I best get inventing then ! haha. I'm sure i can work something out between me, my hd pro, matrix power amp and line 6 cab. I may even try just going straight to PA. Can you plug in to the desk or does it need to go through a DI box?
  6. I didn't know whether it was just the cab they had there, it was an unmarked one so i don't even know what brand it was. Had to get my Matrix sent back because I couldn't get the tone loud enough as it was farrrrr too bassy. Just wish there was some way of making the tone sound the same across the board with every live scenario
  7. Running my patches through a PC/Mac sounds completely different to when running my Pod, Power Amp and cab at practice. Is this because the patches contain a cab simulator e.g. 4x12 xxl v30? Would it be best to have a set of patches with cab sim for recording etc and a copy of the patches for using live but without cab sims on?
  8. I use POD hd Pro and i'm about to buy some new gear so i will be running > line 6 shortboard 2 > hd pro > rocktron velocity 300 > cab forgive my dumbness but what kind of cables are best for this and where would they go i.e. instrument and speaker cables also if i was to add a power conditioner how would i hook that up and again what type of cable. and last but not least if you use the live method above is it still better to keep hd pro on studio setting? cheers guys
  9. Hi Everyone I'm new to this rack mount set up stuff so i'll explain my set up first. POD HD Pro > Roctron Velocity 300 Power Amp > Line 6 4x12 straight cab Currently recording using unbalanced L to audio interface to computer (cubase) Is it better to record unbalanced or balanced? which way really let the HD tones shine through? Is it better to be balanced or unbalanced for playing live? And what's the best way to hook hd pro to power amp please. Sorry for the dumbness but once i understand it i wont have to ask again and will have learnt something lol :-) thanks people
  10. I just meant i can switch between lines on the front of the amp. I can't find any documentation on it but I googled it and it says 5 line levels. Sorry about this, I don't know much about sound and inputs and outputs etc
  11. this is the rear of my cambridge audio amplifier. am i correct in thinking that i would go from both unbalanced 1/4' outputs to rca to the back of the amp? i know you mentioned not phono but one of the channels says aux/phono so should i just use that one and see what happens? sorry for the stupidness, its my first time setting up for home recording so i dont have a clue.
  12. Hi all I have a mac mini, with pod hd pro. I have a decked cd player with amplifier and wanted to know how I can run my pod hd pro through it. Being a stereo system style amplifier I don't know how to hook it up to the pod. The only input/output connections on the back of the amplifier are 2xphono leads and the settings i can toggle between are cd/av/aux/phono/dvd so i have a few 'channels' so to speak. Also if it is possible to run sound through my pod to my stereo system, what should the output and input be set to on the sound settings on the mac? Many thanks
  13. Hi everyone I currently have the pod hd pro. I'm new to all this so i'm not sure what i require for my question i.e. pod farm/riffworks etc. How do you download patches from the 'Customtone' area on the line 6 website and load them on to my pod hd pro? I will be running this all through my mac mini with OS Mavericks. Thanks people
  14. Ahhhh I see. I will have a look at what all the settings are tonight and I will post some pics up running through everything. I was getting worried that my Pod was broken or something. Thanks very much for your help so far by the way, I'll investigate further when I get to practice :-)
  15. Hi there. Sorry for my dumbness but what does clipping mean? Thing is I had it set on stack amp setting and then only last night found out about it so changed it to studio/direct which sounded a hell of a lot better (no fizzing etc) but I just don't get why the other guitarist tone is so clear and no fizz or unwanted noises are in there. Could it be a crap cable that we're using?
  16. Will a Pod HD Pro fit in to a shallow 19" rack box?
  17. I've just got a Pod HD Pro. When we have guitar jamming sessions with my band, I go unbalanced left into audio interface then to cubase. Our other guitarist has either the HD300 or 400 i'm not sure and his sound is crisp and clear whereas mine sounds over bassy and pretty poor quality to be honest. I have set it to studio/recording but there is still a fizz/over bass kind of sound even though I have turned the bass down on the distortion and the POD in general and it still sounds rubbish. Am I missing something here? My chain is : Noise gate, screamer, noise gate, engl fireball. Any help on how to get the best clearest tone would be amazing. Thanks everyone
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