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  1. Thank you so much guys !! I repaired mine in less than 20 minutes :-) Cheers
  2. Hi all :-) Thank you Squay :-) At first, I thought the problem was from my POD X3. But since I was still able to record from it via USB while any playback wasnt available anymore, I tried your solution. It seems to work so far, 3 hours since last dropout. Let's hope ... finger crossed ... Cheers, Denis
  3. 5vdc

    Progressive Audio Drop Out With Podx3 Live?

    Hi again, As you can guess, the problem is still there :'( I'm a bit skilled in electronics but before I do the hardware change, I'd like to ask you something ... How comes that resetting the POD doesn't solve anything, I need to reboot Windows to get it working fine again. Plus, a very strange thing happened : the USB dropout happened (no more playback from any software) but I was still able to record sound from the POD through USB with Window's Sound Recorder. I listened to the recorded file after rebooting and it's just fine. Strange, huh ? Please help me guys :'( Thank you. Denis
  4. 5vdc

    Progressive Audio Drop Out With Podx3 Live?

    Hello guys, FYI, I added a cheap (< 20$) USB card (VIA chipset) in my computer and use it only for the X3 Live. It seems to have solved the problem. No dropout for 3 hours now. Finger crossed ... ;-) I'll get back to you if I still have trouble. Cheers Denis