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  1. Thank you so much guys !! I repaired mine in less than 20 minutes :-) Cheers
  2. Hi all :-) Thank you Squay :-) At first, I thought the problem was from my POD X3. But since I was still able to record from it via USB while any playback wasnt available anymore, I tried your solution. It seems to work so far, 3 hours since last dropout. Let's hope ... finger crossed ... Cheers, Denis
  3. Hi again, As you can guess, the problem is still there :'( I'm a bit skilled in electronics but before I do the hardware change, I'd like to ask you something ... How comes that resetting the POD doesn't solve anything, I need to reboot Windows to get it working fine again. Plus, a very strange thing happened : the USB dropout happened (no more playback from any software) but I was still able to record sound from the POD through USB with Window's Sound Recorder. I listened to the recorded file after rebooting and it's just fine. Strange, huh ? Please help me guys :'( Thank you. Denis
  4. Hello guys, FYI, I added a cheap (< 20$) USB card (VIA chipset) in my computer and use it only for the X3 Live. It seems to have solved the problem. No dropout for 3 hours now. Finger crossed ... ;-) I'll get back to you if I still have trouble. Cheers Denis
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