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  1. VERY light. Just had to cut the plastic PU guard off(one set of screws) to make up some room for my Fishman TriplePlay. It went very successfully. But im having the above 'problem'. Can you please answer so I can finish setting it up :)
  2. Had to do some surgery on my 89f. Long story short the springs popped out. Not sure how they go back on this particular guitar? Straight or on an angle? Can someone tell me or take a pic of the guts. Thanks so much!
  3. Hi Guys. Im confused how to do this with my 59 JTV. I bought a set of Seymour Duncan 59 pickups. How exactly do I install them? I opened up the back and it was a nightmare LOL. Do I just take out the original PUPS and solder them right there? Thanks
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