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  1. Is there a Windows tablet that works perfectly with the editor? I much prefer to create patches with the editor but want a touch screen ala the H9 editor. Looking for something cheap as this would really be its only task but it has to work well. Thx
  2. This does indeed work. I would love to be able to just use the performance switch(properly) with a button on the H9. Guess nobody has figured this out?
  3. Tone all the way up. Standard tuning. 30 year player here... Just saying. E is reading as G yes.
  4. What is going on? Beyond the HORRIBLE tuner on this thing(how do they not get this part right :wacko:) this is happening. Ideas?
  5. I'm wondering if someone can help me. I'm trying to set up the helix to bypass and activate the H9. It works. Problem is when I switch patches the light is always reversed to how I want it. Bypass is not lit and bypass is lit. I've tried messing around with dim and lit settings but can't seem to get it to work properly. Same thing goes with the hotswitch button on the H9. Is there a way to lock it so it stays lit correctly?
  6. I'm afraid not. I also have a variax bass and use it with the Helix. It's a pretty amazing piece of gear! I use it almost exclusively in the studio. It's a shame there is no proper variax integration short of the being able to power up the bass. It would be awesome to see integration implemented in a future update. I also wonder if they have any plans to create a new variax bass?
  7. I would like a BIG fx improvement push from here on in. I agree amazing amount of amps already
  8. I need more time to explore but as it stands I most defiantly prefer the stock cabs in Helix
  9. When I use a Variax to switch tunings(snapshots) with the footswitch it makes an audible clicking sound thats heard in the speakers. Even if I click same footswitch whuch im already on(snapshot) you will hear an audible clicking sound. Am I missing a setting that can stop this?
  10. Perhaps you could answer this? Will there be a way to control the Variax without the Helix via native? Ie the standard dongle that comes with the JTV?
  11. Will there be a way to control the Variax without the Helix? Ie the standard dongle that comes with the JTV?
  12. It appears the new updating will allow the H9 or other MIDI gear to slave which is great! Bummer about the patches. I guess if I get to that point ill have to add notes for patches.
  13. Sounds incredible! Especially the Work Bench addition! WOW :D TY L6
  14. Thanks to everyone this newb is on his way! :D Cant thank you guys enough! Can I get the H9s to always slave to the Helix's tempo? H9s hold 99 presets. What happens when I run out of those? Like how would I load presets 101 and beyond?
  15. Thanks for the reply! Followed the instructions as per your setup. H91 is set up to midi channel 3 and H92 is set up to midi channel 4. When I scroll up with the PC message nothing seems to happen on the h9. If I save pc5 it won't load that with the saved preset
  16. MIDI/cables connected. Anyway I could get a more detailed description of how its actually setup for ya'll? :unsure: :unsure:
  17. Awesome! Anyway you could describe your MIDI setup in detail? Im confused to how to hook it up even. MIDI out from helix to first H9 ?master? MIDI in to H9 MIDI out to second H9 MIDI in? What channels do you have them set up as? Is the first one the master/second slave? Sorry a bit of a newb with this stuff
  18. No idea how Facebook and Netflix relates to having the ability to edit patches with the Helix via Bluetooth. Oh wait it was super funny.....
  19. Very bummed there is no app or Bluetooth control. As a H9 owner I can tell you it's a great work flow
  20. Thank you all for taking the time to respond! Really! :) A few more reads of what you guys said/having the Helix here to test everything should help. As long as I can save a Helix preset to automatically launch my saved H9 presets(FX loop) then im golden.
  21. Hi all. I have a JTV89f, two H9's and planning on getting a Helix to replace my HD500x. Questions: I know Helix has the capability to control the H9's via MIDI. I want to create patches that combine elements from both the Helix and the H9's. So my question is.... If I build a patch in the Helix using saved presets from my H9's as fx loops will the Helix automatically recall said presets in the H9 when I load the saved patch in the Helix?
  22. This one correct?
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