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  1. Mine is coming back from support (after over $100 in shipping :-/). Sent it for repair, politely asked to let me know what was happening or what the amplifi went through before it is sent back... nothing, no update, no news. Just got a ups email with a tracking number. It sure what to expect but I will update here for sure
  2. Mine is coming back from repair, I've no news and no answer from support.... just an ups email with a tracking number. I will update here with what I got back. Thanks!
  3. Same here as well. So tired of it. For me, it happened after leaving the amplifi on without using it for few hours... and then, there is nothing to do. It's like something overheated in there. It worked again for a while and now I am back to that blinking thing and the brick is completely unresponsive... :huh:
  4. Sounds like a overheating issue. Some people have reported issues like this with the spider series.
  5. Are the 4 tone LED blinking after a couple of seconds?
  6. Hi, I have a variax 700 red, beautiful and in great condition, with power pedal, the usb module to connect it to your computer, a shortboard mkii in great condition as well. ... and a line 6 amplifi 150 broken. That I will probably throw in the package if the person wants to deal with the repair. What do you think would be a fair price on such a package? (sorry for the very lame picture here, but just to give a sense...) Thank you!
  7. from my experience: pros: great idea, ideal for a living room where you also play your guitar. Good tones and possibilities, and decent speaker for music. Looks good. cons: bluetooth connectivity was bad, it dropped often, crunchy sound with music sometimes, even with the latest firmware. I mean bad, and you had to reconnect the bluetooth each time and "forget the device" to connect to it... Very unreliable. Also my amplifi 150 died within a year, out of the blue like that, never gigged with it (I can't imagine ever gigging with this, I'd be freakin' out the whole time that the thing would let me down). But let's face it, I don't think it has ever been design for shows so... I just can't recommend this amp. I really, really wanted to love it, I liked the concept but in practice... I don't even know what I want to do with my dead brick now. Do I spend the extra money and try to get it fixed or do I just move on and go another route ( and at this point I am probably done with line 6 after this experience in particular). So if you can think of other alternatives to line 6 amplifi, please share! I'd like to know...
  8. same for me with my amplifi 150. I am so bummed.
  10. I did, thank you. I really like the idea of the amplifi, but this has been a very frustrating amp. If it died, that would have been a very expensive few jams and speaker.
  11. Hi everyone, I was about to listen to some music with my ipad connected to the amplifi 150 via bluetooth, very quickly the sound became crunchy and then the ipad got disconnected. Since then, I turn it on, there is a little pop ( that was always there when turned on) the tone led A blink a few times and then all 4 tone led blink together and I can't do anything, the power button stays off and unresponsive... I tried everything I read here, I did multiple firmware updates and with different machines, iphone, ipad, mac air via USB... every time the update seemed to have installed fine but the problem remains. I tried many factory reset, that never did anything. I feels like my amp died, or do you have any other ideas? I am bummed because this amp was very well taking care of, used here in there with no abuse, no travel... It feels like it just went off by itself :-/
  12. I have that exact same problem. I wanted to play music via bluetooth from my ipad. The sound went very dirty and then the ipad got disconnected. Since then 4 led flashing, can't operate it, did several updates successfully from iphone, ipad and mac... that didn't fix it. Very frustrating! Any thought?
  13. Same problem here. I wanted to play music last night, iPad was connected but got kick out of Bluetooth and then 4 lights blinking. Tried to reinstall the update with iPad, didn't work. Tried with Mac air, looked good but didn't solve it... I tried to factory reset... Nothing I love the idea of this amp but I can't believe all the problems I had to go through with it, between the Bluetooth malfunctions, this recovery mode issue...
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