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  1. I am seeing the same problem with a resonance at 92.5, and 185 Hz, especially noticeable on the Gibson J200 Model. This is definitely not a setup/fretbuzz problem. guitarno, I also used the parametric eq on helix to notch it out and noticed that the mid range frequency goes down to 185 Hz and increments by 10 Hz in this range (185, 195, etc) so you can set a notch at 185 Hz. I also hear it an octave lower at the 2nd fret and therefore am using the low frequency notch at 93 Hz. With these notches, it gets rid of the howling at F#, but I still hear distortion, predominantly on 1 semitone up on the open G. It doesn't sound like the same howling noise but still isn't perfect. Does Line 6 agree that this is real problem that is would seem would be fixable in the model? It is very to repeat on both my 69S and my 89F.
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