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  1. I have the same problem with the noise floor. Very noticeable hiss - never goes away - volume all the way down, phones down, XLR out's set to Line - or Mic - same results . . . I am going into a very large and relatively new Yamaha Digital board in the main worship center- no one else has the issue, by process of elimination , it is the Helix. Shows up in the house, floor monitors, and our myMix IEM's. The tech team folks and I are going round and round - I am about to the point where I can't use it in the worship service which is a deal breaker for me . I had hoped the 1.0.6 software update would help - but no luck. I also have tried to use this as a USB Audio interface to my MAC for DAW use. Unsat. Any ideas ? its more like white noise - not 60 hz AM hum mod .
  2. Thanks for starting this recording forum. I need help with my new recording setup - I'm an old analog guy and have lots of vintage gear - but have been using Line6 PodHD's for years for live sets. Now I have the Helix and it is awesome. I have a new MacBook Pro with the default software (GBand) - so I am going in direct from the Helix to the Mac. Is GB ok or should I just go ahead and buy a major DAW to start. ? Do I need anything else at this point like an Apogee Duet ? or just go with what I have. Also can u briefly explain re-amping as related to the Helix and how I set up for that. I'd like to tweak the dry signals that way. Hope this is not to much Q for one post ! Many thanks Philp335
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