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  1. Anyone able to shed any light / explain this for me? IMG_5949.HEIC
  2. Hi, Just trying to get my head around copying my HX sounds to my PodGo. I have opened the HX patch using the Notepad app and can see values next to settings eg Feedback : 0.430 How does that figure 0.430 relate to a % which is required for the PodGo editor? What is the 0.430 figure? Similary, Depth : 0.650, Mix : 0.450 - what are these figures measuring and how do I convert to %
  3. All that will do is set the tempo to all my other presets to the same tempo, which I don't necessarily want to happen as they are used on different songs....
  4. I use my HX FX in preset mode generally. I have different tap delay times in each of my presets. What I used to be able to do at practices was lightly tap on the tap tempo button and dial in a tempo if as a band we needed to change things. I did NOT hit the save button and when changing presets and going back to the original preset the 'new' tempo would still be there. I have updated the firmware a few times over the year and realised that this feature no longer happens unless I deliberately hit the save button before existing the preset. I have checked that global settings for tempo are set to 'preset'. Can I get this feature back?
  5. Is it possible to go direct from the Pod Go into a PA system - i.e not use an amp at all and using in ear monitoring to hear myself...
  6. Yep i can see that but both folders are empty. I got round it by doing a factory reset (power off and back on holding down D & C) and all seems ok now. I have also updated to the latest firmware. Time to dive in now.
  7. Just received my Pod Go today and plugged it in, all of the presets (1 to 32, A-D incl) are all 'New Presets'? Where are the pre loaded ones?
  8. I am having the exact same issue! I posted this the other day - https://line6.com/support/topic/52057-hx-fx-tap-tempo-flashing-light/
  9. Hi, I'm not sure if im doing something wrong here, but when I tap the tempo in to a click or to a drummer i find that the flashing light always seems to flash just after the beat i'm trying to tap into! I know there is human error to a degree but i've never experienced this previously with the M9, the light would flash to my tap of the button. Am i tapping too many times (usually 3-4 taps)? Any ideas how I get get the lit up flash to match my tap of the button instead of just after? Thanks
  10. OK so I got a Behringer P1 and took a jack from the line out and hey presto I now can hear thru my headphones...
  11. How do I listen to my HX FX using headphones?
  12. Hi Guys, Newbie here so please go easy! I have just taken delivery of my HX FX and played it through my amp etc and all is fine. I have also connected it successfully to my PC (Windows 10) and the Line6 edit software is working fine and I have the latest driver installed also. What I am wanting to know, is it possible for me to get the sound of the HX FX coming through my PC speakers and if so how do I do it. (My PC is nowhere near my amps and gear etc). What other cables will I need from the back of the HX to the PC and would the jack from my guitar just go into the L(mono) channel? Again sorry for the question but I'd like to get it set up on my PC so I can edit sounds and hear them! Thanks Mike
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