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  1. Uber Guru thanks! Helix looks like a solid win
  2. Hi, Recently my POD X3 Live stopped working; I had an electrician look at it and he found out that the power switch wasn't working so he's sorted that for me - so I can use my X3 again; but it brought home how old it is and that I should probably replace it but here's my problem. These are the amp models that I use on my X3; exclusively in a Dual Tone setup with each amp panned 80% left/right. 2002 ANGEL P-Ball (2002 ENGL Powerball ch2) - not on the HD500X 2002 Bomber Uber (2002 Bogner Uberschall) HD500X 2002 Bomber X-TC (2002 Bogner Ecstasy) - not on the HD500X 1985 Cali Crunch (Mesa/Boogie Mark II-C+) - not on the HD500X 2003 Connor 50 (2003 Cornford mk50h) - not on the HD500X 2002 Criminal (2002 Peavey® 5150) - Pay to Win HD500X 2003 Deity Crunch (2003 Diezel VH4 ch3) - not on the HD500X 2003 Deity Lead (2003 Diezel VH4 ch4) - not on the HD500X 2003 Deity’s Son (2003 Diezel Herbert) - not on the HD500X 2001 Diamond Plate (Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier ch3) - not on the HD500X 2001 Treadplate Dual (Mesa/Boogie Dual Recitifier ch3) HD500X 2001 Zen Master (Budda Twinmaster) - not on the HD500X The Firehawk has the models sure, but it doesn't have Dual Tone. So from what I can tell there's no upgrade path from the X3 without loosing functionality; unless the firehawk has some secret way of doing dual tone? Anyone have any comments about this? Thanks.
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