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  1. THE editor is good for spider, the connecint my iPhone for tracks is good - the speaker for guitar - yuck! It just doesn’t sound like a good amp - my120 is not getting it done
  2. Its a ground and typical issue - mine used to change output volume with laptop connected. spent 6 months fighting the hd500x and sold it - never sounded good (thin and digital) and did not impress replaced with HEADRUSH - buy used and you never need a pc except to load updates fir the firmware but everything else is easy on the tablet interface
  3. FUNNY - i just got the Headrush. 1. Bought it for the easy of use 2. Have had many and still do Line6 gear 3. The effects on the HR sound great but are limited out of the box 4. Did not buy it for modeling - I have a solid sounding 3 channel amp 5. It does have a bit of hum 6. Patch switching is quick (non-technical assessment) 7. The tablet interface (ease of use) is by far essential for me i cannot say if the HR is better than the Helix or other modelers of today but its bybfar a better floor unit and again - easy to use.
  4. Got the thing working but have to admit all the hype for the hd500x doesnt work for me. The effects alone are less quality to me than my Line 6 Spider III head and dont even compare to the TC Electronic G Major. It has a lot of effects but none with the exception of two reverb settings that sound even close to a good stomp box. I bought it to simplify my rig - the G Major, rack and the midi pedal plus wah pedal for short gigs was a lot to haul. For practice the hd works well with my fender hrd, works well for gain but ruins the clean of the fender
  5. Help! I bought the hd500x and cannot get a sound out of it when connected to my evh 5150 iii 100w. Bought the evh for its tone and love it. Wanted a simple effects unit but seems the hd is forcing modeling which i am not a fan of.
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