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  1. I wonder what the "controversial" part of this firmware update was? It all looks great to me!
  2. On top of what everyone else has been saying, I would add that liberal use of EQ can help out quite a bit as well. While I still hope for a true filter in a future update, you can at least accomplish the frequency portion already, and tie it to an expression pedal to create a cool effect.
  3. Hi Steve! No experience with the 3 OSC synth just yet, but I've started playing around with the 3 Note Generator quite a bit, and it's opening up a whole new world for me. I've included a link at the bottom where I've setup snapshots to change note and octave values. The parameters for the 3 OSC synth are: Wave: Value from 0-10 Duty Cycle: % Octave: -3 - +2 Frequency: +/- 12 Pan: Level: Filter Preset: 1-4 FM 3 > 1: 0-10 Low Cut: High Cut: Level The first section is parameters that you can change for each OSC, and the second section is overall. The 3 Note Generator and 4 OSC Generator have more traditional wave shapes like saw up, saw down, triangle, sine, and square. The primary difference seems to be the extra oscillator and the way you choose notes. On the 3 note, it's octave/note, and the 4 is frequency based. Let me know if you have any other questions. https://soundcloud.com/daniel-berry-992559561/pads
  4. berrdaniel

    Where is Native?

    Knowing that there are a bunch of architectural changes that went into Native so that future development can be done in tandem and at a quicker pace is exciting. Thanks for sharing that info.
  5. Heh, I didn't intend for this to become a holy war about whether or not gapless switching was a worthwhile feature or not. The main point was when I first bought my Helix (pre-snapshots), there was a very audible delay switching patches. I called Line 6 about this and the answer I got was, "Every modeling device behaves this way." Seeing a competitor advertise that their device was different, I simply wondered if they had solved the holy grail of modeling problems, or if this was just a marketing gimmick. Definitely seems like the latter. At the end of the day, snapshots are a fine solution, and actually one I prefer at this point since it actually gives me more flexibility than a traditional rig would.
  6. I'm honestly just more curious than anything. The headrush seems to be able to switch between patches without any latency, and effects spillover between patches. I know you can accomplish something similar with Helix if you're using snapshots liberally. I'm curious, though. What technically limits Helix from being able to do the same thing? It seems like the DSP in Helix is much more powerful, so I don't get why there has to be such a noticeable delay when switching patches.
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