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  1. Hey rd2rk thanks for taking the time to post this. I only started to research the HX Stomp yesterday, and while looking into the MIDI capabilities, all of the threads and videos I came across were mentioning the lack of Command Center, even the automatic Google answers still say that HX Stomp only sends PCs when changing presets, so was just trying to offer a late but still useful workaround to the issue described in this post. I'll delete my comment as to not perpetuate the confusion further.
  2. How did you end up mounting the Fishman TP on the JTV59? The included brackets are not compatible with the bridge.
  3. Hey guys, I know it's been a while but I have a question. When you charge the battery, I noticed that the charger's red LED stays lit while charging, but later on it starts blinking. If you leave it long enough, it will shut down completely. When should I remove the battery from the charger? when it's blinking, or when it shuts down?
  4. Rebolleda it's probably too late now to answer, but what you want can't be achieved internally in the POD HD. It can however be done with a computer, and a MIDI interface, connected to the MIDI in of the POD HD. You would have to program the drive values to change both values that you want abruptly (no in-between), using a DAW such as Ableton Live or Reason or any other.
  5. Hi. Arriving a couple of years later to this topic, but that's the beauty of these forums 😊. Thorneven did you mean you're changing Vetta II patches via MIDI, and these patches have the JTV models saved within them? (hence, the Vetta changes the variax models, and not the Beringer pedal?). Or are you sending MIDI messages from the Behringer pedal, that are specific to the Variax? Thanks in advance!
  6. So today I discovered that the "Dry-Out" output on my POD HD PRO X doesn't work when I'm connected through Variax input. If I plug-in through the front "Guitar" input it'll work just fine. Am I missing something here? perhaps some configuration in the menus that will allow me to mirror Variax dry input straight to the "dry-out" output on the back of my POD HD PRO X? I'm hoping to use this output aside from both the L-R outputs for a live setting. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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