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  1. Has anyone figured out how to use the Vocorder effect on the HD500X? I hooked a mic up to the unit hoping to maybe get something closer to a Talk Box that is actually controlled by your voice (not like the time based 'Voice Box' filter which forces you to choose a tempo). But all I'm getting is just a dry signal from the mic mixed with the guitar. Shouldn't I be able to hear the vocals and guitar effecting each other somehow? The 'Voice Box' effect is okay, but what if you don't want it to follow the strict tempo of the song? I would like something more random and organic. Any thoughts?
  2. I usually set up a bank per song (some songs I can get away with just using one or two patches). My band plays mostly cover tunes, about 30 or 40 songs. I get a real kick out of nailing the sound of different artists all night long (I try to duplicate the signal chain as close as possible and load in the the tap tempo to match each tune). I think if I could be happy with the sound of one amp and eight FX pedals all night, I think I probably would have bought something else, honestly. Part of the thrill for me is being able to nail the tones in The Who's 'Baba O'Riley' and then be able to play Five Finger Death Punch's version of 'Bad Company'.It is a pain changing patches all night, but if I just wanted the HD500x to sound like a Marshall amp all night, then why wouldn't I just buy a Marshall to begin with? But, everybody's different.
  3. Guitargeek was pretty cool Wicker Man...I just wish it was organized as well as uberproaudio. I found rigs in three or four different areas (guitar rigs, guitar archives,vulgar rigs(?)), and none were in any order at all (other than the most searched 100 gigs) It was good to see the old illustrated 'rig rundown' format used by Guitar World magazine for years on the final page. Thanks.
  4. It seems to me that the key to nailing the tone of any famous player, is duplicating the the signal chain and amp combo by that player. I'm sure this isn't a great revelation to any of the forum users here. But, can anyone recommend a web site to that has a collection of famous / favorite players actual signal flow and amps. I checked UBERPROAUDIO/whoplayswhat.com, and while the list is indeed detailed, it just lists EVERYTHING the artist has used throughout their whole career. For some lucky guitarists, this is a LOT of gear (in no specific order). I found some info on youtube about someone who built a custom pedalboard and stereo amp rig that duplicated Alex Lifeson (RUSH) rig from his 'Moving Pictures' era. I followed it pedal by pedal thru the entire signal chain and had amazing results. I think this type of 'era specific' signal flow chart would be more helpful that just everything the guitarist has used over the years. Any ideas?
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