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  1. Nailed it. plus the part about bank D, that's why I use FS1 or 2/3 to see the "true" preset I am setting.
  2. well i filmed it when the unit was with FW 3.00. now its with FW 3.01 and after factory reset and still FS4/5 not working as i configured
  3. When I'm in 1B it is set to 1A and vice versa(all is shwon in the video). again FS1/2/3 works correctly so why 4/5 isn't?
  4. I added a video hope it helps demonstrate the issue better. I just want to know if its a BUG or my unit is the defective. I checked the footswitch its OK... has the clip shows the FS4/FS5 only works when the CC menu is "ON"...
  5. I have opened have opened a support ticket on the 25/11 and got no replay since. such a shameful conduct by line6 part.
  6. All the configuration is and was good. the foot switch is working correctly i can turn blocks on and off. again the issue is when i set the in CC to go to HX PRESET it only works on FS1/2/3 and semiworks with FS4/5.
  7. I'm trying to get FS4/5 to go to HX PRESET in the cc. but it will not go back and forth.... FS1/2/3 works perfect. FS4/5 works only when I'm in the CC screen. am I the only one who has the problem? thanks!
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