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  1. Well I've been exchanging with another user on another forum and he doesn't seem to be having these issues. Not sure what computer hardware he has though...
  2. Yes, I've tried that, but unfortunately haven't had much luck. Under ASIO settings I have ASIO client: (none), default buffer size 256 and default bit depth 16 bit. I'm not sure what's the function of the USB audio streaming section. I've tried all the different settings in combination with the above, from extra small buffers to extra large, and nothing helps. Also, under driver format I have 48 kHz / 24 bit. Driver version is
  3. Well I've been exchanging with another user on another forum who uses a M-Audio interface to connect his guitar to his PC (can't remember which, I think something like C-400?) and he has much lower latency. :huh:
  4. Sorry, my bad: yes, I do use a Pod X3. That software translates pitch into midi. So it basically listens to what you play and recognizes the pitch, then outputs notes via MIDI. Problem is that I get quite high latency (> 10 ms) with the Pod X3 ASIO driver...
  5. Hello, I'm fiddling around with the demo version of MIDI Guitar. It's pretty good but I can't seem to be able to get low latency with the Line6 ASIO driver. Basically anything below 256 samples (included) sounds like crap... my computer is a quad core cpu, I have 12 gigs of RAM. I didn't think I'd have latency issues. :( Is it the Line6 driver? My computer? What is my problem here? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  6. Yup, found the trim knob, that did the trick, thanks! Thanks for the mic positionning tips, I'll try that today.
  7. Hello, I just bought a Republic resonator guitar. It's acoustic only. I'm trying to record it using my Pod X3 and a (admittedly pretty cheap ;) ) microphone. Can someone suggest a good amp or preamp to use? And which settings they use? Right now I'm using the American classic with some compression. Frankly I'm having trouble getting acceptable levels, the signal tends to be pretty weak. I'm just not used to recording acoustic instruments at all... so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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