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  1. Hi Guys just had the Helix for a few days now so apologies if this has been addressed before. Im trying to use 4 different amps in stompbox mode as the preset mode dropout issue is a problem for me.Is it possible to switch between these 4 amps?2 amps no problem, as i just assign them to one switch and toggle between the 2 of them in multiple switch mode...but 4 amps im always going to have 2 of them active at the same time surely!!
  2. bazilica20


    I,d like to access some more presets without the need to bank up/down would a small midi foot controller be best for this or could i use EXP 2 and 3 with a footswitch of some sorts?Thanks
  3. Yep mine too.....dead pixels or something.
  4. A buddy of mine and me have just received these units today after 3 months...and the biggest disappointment is this dropout between patch changes so much so we are thinking of returning them....unacceptable for a live situation on a product of this price.
  5. bazilica20

    Helix Live

    Thanks for your replies chaps...very helpful,just need to get hold of the thing now...lol.
  6. Hi Folks...Still waiting for my Helix to arrive,in the mean time one quick question.i tend to use my pedal boards(like my G Sys) in preset mode as opposed to stompbox is it possible to assign those bank up and down switches on Helix to switch in another patch?This would give me 12 patches(12 buttons) at my feet for instant patch change.Thanks in advance Barry.
  7. bazilica20

    Helix Live

    Hi Folks...This is my first post,i was wondering if anybody has any feedback on using the Helix in a live situation but using it more as a preamp through a poweramp(something like the Matrix) into a guitar cab?Im still waiting to purchase mine due to a long back log of orders,but when i do i think this is the way id like to use it live...Many Thanks Barry.
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