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  1. If a tele or strat would be as loud as a LP, i would think there was something wrong with either. I wish the neck pup + neck/middle on the strat had a tad more treble/presence. Especially for clean Mayerish tones trough a Two Rock.. Sounds cool with more drive. My Suhr strat sounds more open. But soundwise, more options between them though.
  2. The FM curve applies no matter what, so you set your sounds at gig volum. Have separate patches for recording, low rehearsal and home noodling.
  3. I don't know, but pups are different. I don't know what kind of magnets, material and windings they used in those. I have humbuckers that are much brighter than some of my sc.
  4. Maybe i could do because i did not know about it ;) I think it's because the highgain pups are in the workbench. It was cool to make a high gain tele.
  5. I have a JTV-89. Made lot of changes on my custom banks since i got it last new friday. Saved and ready. Changed all positions with no trouble.. Just turn of anything that may be using midi or USB. I just had a mouse attached, and it worked like a charm. Going trough Mac 10.6.8 Workbench HD Variax 2.01 (updated from 1.7x) Mac Usb to Variax usb hub to JTV-89 I think the developers would find it helpfull to know what system you are on.. Imho.
  6. I just got the regular 89 yesterday. A good guitar imho. Got a lot of guitars so i don't need it, but it's fun to use this thing. And i was suprised with the stock pickup. Good. Different than my other axes and that's a good thing. The setup was fine. Had some communication problems with Workbench HD, but i got it to work. It extremly cool to "build" guitars i must say. I also got a couple of Suhr guitars. A classic ash HSS strat and a Modern GG type with Aldrich pup. I can easily recommend the Modern (or any other model from Suhr) Top notch quality.
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