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  1. If anyone has the hlx file, I'd love a copy too. It appears that the website is down. I can grab the wav files that are attached, but the hlx file isn't. cjw5281 at yahoo dot com if anyone has it. Thanks.
  2. Nothing, but I'm trying to be charitable and give the benefit of the doubt of an age or culture barrier.
  3. I've had it 3 times in about 3 weeks. It doesn't seem to matter if it's connected to my Mac with the editor running or not. It also turns out that the Line 6 guys were right - for me, the editor is largely unnecessary except as a librarian. It's easier to edit almost everything from the unit, it's just a pain to put the unit on a (sturdy) music stand. You know, moving cables and whatnot.
  4. I'm really hoping that it's a 12 year old (with rich parents.... Helix is 'asspensive) that just doesn't get the idea of plagiarism and proper credit. If not, it's one of the dumber moves I've seen. A lot of those patches, not just mine, are pretty specific in their names.
  5. I don't post here, but I'm really active on TGP and in uploading to CustomTone. I was going to put a new one up today and I noticed ome dude - alessandro69 - is uploading his entire patch set and claiming credit for stuff that's not his. He has a ton of mine on there. How do I know, I give mine weird names. Cult of Tears, Mad Season Plexi, Dr. Z Gossard, plus my Kings of Leon, Purple Rain. He's taken others too: RA FriedmanBE100, China Girl, 80's Time Machine. Jeez. I don't really expect Line 6 to do anything, it IS a sharing site, but if he's on here too, I'm calling him out as a thief. Taking others work and passing it off, without even changing up the names, is bullsh!t. If comments worked on CT, I'd at least like to be able to add a note. I'm pretty proud of my download count. The last time I checked it was near 80,000 across all of my L6 devices. People put a lot of time into these and give them away for free.... Roll your own, or give credit. I'm tempted to upload a blank patch called "Alessandro69 Is A Thief", but I don't want to turn CT into more of a mess. Sorry for the rant, but that hit a nerve. Perhaps I should just upload mine to my Dropbox and limit access to who gets them. I have a 4SS Jerry Cantrell ready to go, but it's not going on CT right now.
  6. I did this as well, and it helped for about 5 minutes, and then went back into 'problem mode'.
  7. The Helix app (running on Mac OSX El Cap) consistently freezes and shows either "Helix device not connected" or "service is not online"
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