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  1. I opened a support ticket for this problem ages ago and urged them to fix it. This is the reply I got: "On the development side, I'm uncertain of the current direction with this, or if it will be addressed on forthcoming software releases. You're welcome to submit your request on Idea Scale , this is the proper channel for any matters concerning future product and software development". That's pathetic. Shame on Line 6.
  2. The Native plugin is pretty big to load and is a lot of UX if all you want is an amp or a reverb. Anyone else feel the need for something similar to Pod Farm Elements where you can access individual categories of effects as separate more lightweight plugins?
  3. I'm using Pod Farm Element VST effects v2.57 in Acid Studio 10. My problem is the effect settings aren't getting saved in the Acid projects. When I reopen the Acid project the Pod effect settings are returned to their defaults. This doesn't happen with other VST plugins I'm using. I also noticed when attempting to save a VST effect preset to a file (*.fxp) using the Pod Element UI I get a 0 byte output fxp file, so of course when I (re)load it, it doesn't do anything. Since other VSTs work I'm suspecting Pod Farm. Is this a design limit or known problem? Thanks DrClay
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