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  1. Thanks guys. Any idea on sizes? Ie. The BKP site asks for bridge spacing, (50 or 53mm); conductor (4 or braided 2) and leg (long 1/2" or short 1/4"). Cheers
  2. All of my guitars have non standard pups - a Gary Moore Les Paul that has 57 classics; a start with BKP... and a Gretsch Electromatic (loved the body and it was cheap) with Brian a Setzer TV Jones' So would love to upgrade my Variax that I'm ordering to have some cool looking BKP's in it particularly a humbucker sized p90 to replicate Muses's sound (they have one called Stockholme) Any thoughts??? Are the pups that come as standard (on the Korean model) any good and maybe voiced specifically for the guitar / electronics??? I figure (expensive trial) I can take them out and keep them for another project if they don't suit and put the originals back in....
  3. The whole dream rig thing. If the sounds really are that good, and not clinical, it really is a cool setup. Imagine going from thick and heavy drop d for everlong to 12 string for crazy little thing called love to stratty cold shot goodness..... And the amp and guitar all talking to each other..... Anyway; talking SRV - how did he use the two amp thing? And what's the feature of the 500? Do I have it right that he ran two amps; one clean and one dirty??? And can you run two cabs in stereo (with a DT25) using the HD in 2 amp mode and have one running 'amp1' and the other as 'amp2'? Cheers.
  4. I've just bought an rc 3.loop pedal.... Haven't used it but decided on the 500x so might return the looper. However THAT through the effects loop would be cool for a number of different preset loops (wish the HD's had this function) BUT our drummer wants to work with the full backing track thing. Cause our deadbeat singer can play guitar, and sing, but won't put the practice in to get both right....... So the looper wouldn't be needed. And I've pit a variax on order so need the money. But it's so red and shiny. And new......
  5. Never once caught a fish. Never once tied a proper knot. Never once watched an episode of x files.... But the funny thing is that I'm still entertained by Mulder (?) playing Moody. Yeah - some of the writing is cheap. But it happened from the first series (why wasn't his brand new Porsche insured so he got a payout when it was carjacked? Why didn't he trade the old one) so it's sort of ok.
  6. Howdy.... Don't know much about them. If I plug into an HD 500 (which I don't have yet) can I swap patches that also swaps guitar models? Eg go from a treadplate dropped d to a fender amp with the guitar in standard tuning and now an acoustic model. (Ie. Without changing any knobs on the guitar...) Cheers.
  7. Merry Christmas to you too.... Back to the topic at hand..... I'm not into 'degenerate' sort of stuff, but Califormocation and the bravado it puts on is what does it for me... It's brave in that way. Sex in the city for guys.... And funny as, as well as being poignant at times. As his layer says in series 4 says, it's about a guy desperately trying to keep it together as his life falls apart around him (due usually to his own hand) I can sorta relate a little as I've separated from my wife a year ago. What do you mean the 300 would sound better into the power section of the amp??? You don't mean NOT using the L6 Link do you? I also take it you don't mean stick with the 300 and not go to a 500(x) Cheers.
  8. milesargall

    500 Vs 500x

    Howdy all. To start off with - and a little off topic, (but there's a point here so bare with me) I've started running the pod iPad app through audiobus and into GarageBand to record, or amplitube for its great song loop feature. The tones are awesome - much better than both others I just mentioned hence the audiobus link. So it's gotten me back into my DT 25 with my second hand 300 that I bought for $120. I've got a beautiful Marshall 2x12 square Cab with English made speakers (greenbacks I think) that look like it was designed to go with the amp. But I've never been able to get the pod through amp with the link to sound like the amp on its own - particularly channel IV. But I concede that it's probably operator error... So I'm looking to upgrade to a 500x - but you can now buy a 500 a fair bit cheaper due to the new model being out. Is there a link to the differences? And if not, apart from the higher processing power and the new buttons; what are the differences between the two? Are there more features, amps, sounds etc etc??? Has anyone noticed an improved quality to the sounds? It would be great if the looper had a feature where you could store different loops as per the boss rc 3 etc or the jamman series. Cheers.... And whilst I'm here I'm currently addicted to Californication. Anyone into it?
  9. I don't mind what interface I use - preferably my tascam, but nothing's registering with the mobile pod since I upgraded my iPad 3 iOS to 7.0.3. Suggestions? Ta.
  10. Hi all. I'm doing things recording wise about as simply as you can get - but that's why I love GarageBand - an the mobile pod tones are awesome. But I've never been able to put them together. I've bought Audiobus and upgraded my operating system to OS 7.0.3 (11B511) At some stage one of the aps - I'm assuming the POD said that it wouldn't work with the new OS when I did an update and did I want to revert to the old one - and knowing I was about to update the OS I said no. I'm running version 1.5.0 (760)of the POD It now opens, plays sound - everything works, but it just won't detect the mobile in. I also have a Tascam IU2 that doesn't work - and the mobile in DOES work directly to GarageBand etc - so it's not the hardware. Any suggestions? I'm finally ready to record directly and can't. Cheers.
  11. Hey. Mate.... Thanks for the feedback. I've done a little research, using, um, a thing called Google and also the Line 6 site to see the difference between the 25 and 50. Extra valves etc, but also different valves in the power amp section. 25 - (1) 12AX7, (2) EL84 tubes Vs 50 - (2) 12AX7 preamp, (2) EL34 power amp (25W/50W) I've got a great 2x12 Marshall cab that goes with the 25 perfectly. But I figure the 50 through my H&K V30cabs would be awesome.... Let's see..... Thanks.
  12. Hi all... So Zap; I just started a similar topic. So based on what you're saying about the 50 and 25 having different models - what settings would I use in my 25 to get the channel IV model of the 50. Cheers.
  13. I should point out I'm running 2.01 of the 300; and HAVEN'T updated the 25.
  14. I've got a Hughes and a Kettner Tubemeister 36 and love it; but it's not as fat as the channel IV of my DT 25. So I've been experimenting with purchasing a couple of pedals to try and fatten it up, primarily a Bogner red ecstasy or seeing as the channel IV is emulating a mesa dual rectifier (am I right?) then I looked at a Mesa throttle jockey. So I did an AB on the pedals through the H&K versus a DT 50 (I think as opposed to 25) combo. I'm over combos - head and cab is the way to get the big - non boxy - sound but when I turned the DT combo on, the thing was amazing even at low volumes. Fat, thick, chunky. Soooo...... I'm struggling with my presets a little. I've downloaded a few heavy sounds such as EVERLONG etc, but just want the stock channel IV back that I seem to have lost. I'm running an HD 300 so any advice or settings would be appreciated. I'm a bit laymans too - not even sure of the difference between pre and full amp settings. And which cab? Trying to use my ears but I think they're broken. Cheers all.
  15. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.. I just want to set up a bank - or if I need to use the whole pod simply as a switcher for the four channels. Or if possible create a couple of patches - channel IV (of the amp) along with Channel IV at a boosted volume and a little bit of delay for lead etc. I guess what I'm asking is can you use the amp - and not the modelling from the pod -and just use the pod to change channels so that the amp becomes a 4 channel amp as opposed to 2. Or do already have it confused... Cheers.
  16. Howdy all... Long time no drop in. I'm doing I personal survey at Strat-talk, Line6 and Bareknucklepickups forums to get an opinion on GarageBand. I'm very limited to my recording ability - I bought cubebase a few years ago but it wouldn't work with my laptop - I won't bore you with the details...... But GarageBand - not even on a mac but on an iPad is PERFECT for me. I have a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 36, and can go directly from the red box DI (with cab sim) to the iPad. I'm also using a Line 6 DT25/pod500 set up but not directly yet. So what I'm asking you all is what's your opinion of the amp sounds that come directly from GarageBand????? I'm a tone junky - absolutely hate digital processing 'tones' - but like what I hear through GarageBand. Any opinions for someone doing basic recording??? Ie. enough to get a track down in mp3 quality - but not looking for a full on Cubebase style wav (?) form quality setup recorded with a mic in front of a Mesa boogie amp in a studio at $300 an hour.....
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