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  1. Interesting--now all three say expected to ship in early April March 15 March 12 May 17. Now listed as "unavailable" or "out of stock".
  2. I noticed that today the Amethyst Limited Edition showed up at a few dealers. $899.99, which is about $100 less than it used to be, and the same price as the regular colors. In stock and ready to ship. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6/Limited-Edition-Variax-Standard-Electric-Guitar.gc https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/line-6-limited-edition-variax-standard-electric-guitar https://www.music123.com/guitars/line-6-limited-edition-variax-standard-electric-guitar/k48147000001000?rNtt=variax&index=7 Not available at Sweetwater.com yet. Greg
  3. I filled in some missing information and added columns for the effects used. I also added a second sheet within the document called "Amps", which tells you what real-world amp the Firehawk amp is based on. I haven't finished this list yet--I only have 38 amps so far. Greg
  4. I also bought this adapter on ebay from the seller listed in the above link (cryptohwwallet in California) for $12. They shipped it out immediately. It was exactly as described, and works fine with my Firehawk FX. The brand is "eFreesia" and the model number is ZWACA9V3A25RDRV That center pin on the Firehawk FX jack is definitely 2.5 mm, and not the 2 mm that the line6 FAQ says it is. The plug on this power adapter is 2.5 mm and it fit the pin in jack snugly. My only wish is that the cable was a bit longer. It's only 1 meter long (3.5 feet). Greg
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