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  1. 1.Make path A and B identical and put both to have their own Multi input. Example Amp-Cab-Reverb. 2.Then hard pan path A to left and path B right. 3.Change path B cab to something darker, than what path A has. 4.Add a simple delay block in the start of the path B and set decay/repeats to 4ms and set feedback to zero. Enjoy your 3D tones with popcorn!
  2. Hi! New Helix LT owner here. I updated the unit straight after i unboxed it and noticed, that i didn't do the reset (FS9-FS10 pressed when powering the unit) after that. Can someone tell me, that what does this reset do? Should i backup my user IR's and own presets before doing this?
  3. Nice tip! But does it go off, when other FS is pressed? I'd need those four upper row switches to be on, one at the time.
  4. Actually, there is one more thing i'd like to know. How do i get the upper row switches to light on and off, when using them to send midi commands? Atm, the light s don't work at all. I need them to work, that one switch is on all the time and when i press second switch, it lights on and the earlier switch lights off. Don't know if it's even possible.
  5. Thanks man! Didn't see it there!
  6. Hi! I'm using my Pod HD500 as a midi controller atm and i'm wondering, what are the cc commands for looper controls? I'd like to take some use of them, when putting HD500 in looper mode.
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