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  1. sda37

    What causes this sound?

    See if you can access this link:
  2. sda37

    What causes this sound?

    I uploaded the video into the Helix FB group. I wonder if you have to be a member of the page to see it? rzumwalt, that description is close. It was a loud CLICK. I did not change any of the chain. All I did was change the amps and then change them back. It has not done it since. It also did this on a patch that I got from Glenn Delaune, loaded straight from his computer. It did not do it while I was at his house. It did it that day that I had trouble with my patch. My patch has one amp in the 1st line of the chain and a 2nd amp in the second line. Switching snapshots changed the amp that was active. I'll see if I can get photos tomorrow.
  3. sda37

    What causes this sound?

    The Helix performed well in church last week. I haven't encountered that sound again, but it was a bit troubling when it was happening.
  4. Sweetwater replaced the backpack. I get the idea of removing or replacing the foam, but then it would have made much more sense to make the zipper tabs accessible.
  5. I just sent an email to Sweetwater. It's a great backpack. I'm not sure why they designed it that way, though. It seems to me that it would have been easier to simply sew the foam into the bag. Thankfully the box hadn't been picked up for recycling yet.
  6. I recently bought the Helix and the backpack. I used the Helix in church this morning for the first time. Overall it was AWESOME. However, I noticed some material sticking out of the backpack when I put my cases away before the service. Afterward I looked closer. There are zippers that run around the INSIDE of the bag covering the foam. WHY? The loose material was from the zipper coming loose at the top. When I tried to unzip it to correct where it had split apart, one side came out of the zipper. Now I can't get it back in. Not only that, but the zippers are installed with the tabs INSIDE the zipper. Again, WHY? That makes the zipper essentially unusable, which wouldn't matter had the zipper not malfunctioned. Now I'm struggling to get the zipper back into place. If I could get the zipper to the START, it would be doable. It won't go down far enough, and with the tab on the inside, it's even harder to work. Any suggestions?
  7. I was able to clear it up by changing the amp, then changing it back. The link below is a very short video of me changing the snapshots. The two snapshots do use different amps. https://www.facebook.com/stephen.arnold2/videos/10212101842874632/ Also, sometimes I get a weird sound when changing snapshots while playing. It's not loud like the one above, and it stops almost immediately. I plan to use the Helix in church tomorrow. It'll be the first time playing out with it.
  8. sda37

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks. What about my second question? What "other goodies" are supposed to be on the provided USB? Never mind. In the revised manual that clause was removed from the "what's in the box" section.
  9. sda37

    Helix FAQ

    1. Is there an updated manual? I watched a Snapshot video from L6, and Will referred to p.50 in the manual. My manual stops at p.48. 2. The USB that comes with the Helix is described as containing the manual and "other goodies". Mine ONLY had the manual in several languages. Is something missing?
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