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  1. Thanks Phil. Apologies for assuming you work directly for Line 6. My comments stand and it would be nice if they listened to users with experience of their products. My impression of the Helix was generally good but that the sounds weren't a real step up from the HD500X. There was an improvement all round but not a 2-300% improvement that the price indicates.
  2. Thanks Phil, I appreciate your comments about mass produced products and your experience of Roland/Boss. I have been very unlucky with Line 6 products and lucky with Roland/Boss. I can't help feeling that the chances of a failure with your products is high compared with others. I have used a lot of your products! I had hoped that the quality control on this product would be higher as the price is significantly higher than previous products, eg the HD 500X, which this doesn't seem to be much more than a step change up from (bearing in mind the previous product range improvements). Unfortunately, my experience is that this product is just the same as the others. I think you need to improve reliability and offer better customer service and warranty periods, with the opportunity to get a product repaired with less hassle to the purchaser, perhaps offering free postage for warranty faults and quick turnaround. If you want me to buy a Helix at £1150 I need to feel confident that if it goes wrong it will be easy to get it resolved quickly and that it will be reliable for longer.
  3. After about 10 minutes use the LED "scribble strip" above the TAP button corrupted. The lettering went upside down and back to front. I have attached a photo. Later, it just turned into a load of random spots. I am in the UK and bought a Helix from Germany because they weren't readily available in the UK, even though they were available elsewhere. Sent it back as a result of this fault because I have had problems with Line 6 LED displays before. I had a POD HD 500 and two lines of pixels went down just after the warranty expired. Didn't want to take a chance with this happening again. It's such a shame because the facilities this things provides are amazing but for over £1100 you want battleship build and no bugs, something you get with Roland gear (in my experience).
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