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  1. It was before 3.6, TBH, I think it's a "feature" that has been there a long time. but I have only just gotten around to properly resolving. I am running 3.6 and I've performed a factory reset this time and every time I've updated firmware as directed in the installation instructions. FWIW, I'm a bassist, so I use split paths a lot. Yes I read the link posted above. I understand the principles, but as I mentioned above, I'm seeing a different result to what's expected. Pan law would dictate a 3db increase for Y and A/B splits with the balance centered, whereas I'm seeing a 3db decrease. This also dictates a 3db decrease for crossover split whereas I'm seeing a 6db decrease
  2. Pan law for stereo splits, such as Y and AB absolutely makes sense, but I am experiencing a different result. I’m seeing a -3db drop in level from a Y or AB split at the output sum, and -6db drop on a crossover split at the output sum. The latter makes no practical sense to me at all as it’s splitting a signal in half, not duplicating it. I feel the crossover split needs a different approach. I could have course be doing something wrong at need to retest, but I’m definitely getting a lower signal on all types of split - not +3db and -3db as the quoted thread suggests.
  3. I've noticed that split paths are quieter than non-split, single paths. I understand that Y and A/B split paths need to be reduced in volume so that the merged signal appears to be the same volume. However in practice there is something amiss Y and A/B split need a +3db level boost in the merge block to appear the same volume as non-split path Crossover splits needs a significant +6db boost in the merge block to appear the same volume as non-split path Is this by design? Surely the volume should be the same coming out of the split path as what goes in? Especially with the crossover split - I can't think of any scenario why someone would need this particular split to be -6db quieter.
  4. gregedwards69

    Big Sur

    This is one reason why line 6 really ought to port HX Edit for iOS* and Android. A few years ago having more than one computer at home was quite common. But so many people like myself have consolidated many simple tasks to a tablet or phone that they only need one ‘proper’ computer at home for tasks that a tablet can’t do such as performing firmware updates or proper work. I’m seriously considering getting a cheap windows 10 tablet or netbook (are they still a thing?) just for managing my helix, as their Mac support is always so far behind. It seems to be a common trend amongst hardware manufacturers - Blackstar still haven’t updated their insider software for Catalina, let along Big Sur. * In fact, I wonder if it it would make more sense to rewrite the app for iOS and use catalyst to run it on macOS. That way they’d only to maintain one version for all Apple devices.
  5. Is anyone aware of a protective hardshell case that fits the G10s well, so I can keep it in my gig bag without fear of damage? Pedal board is not an option as I only use a Helix LT with it. I know there's the Helix backpack, but that's a further expense I can't justify at the moment. I'm thinking a generic GPS or hard drive case, but not sure what's a good fit or not.
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