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  1. Is the currently available Split Y actually doing this if you setup Balance A 100L and Balance B 100R on the Split controls? If so, I guess that Pan Blocks are not requested anymore to achieve stereo.
  2. The ISOXL will request to run the XLR output in the Helix in line level instead of mic?
  3. Hi, which DI box will you recommend? I have seen some inexpensive passive di boxes from Palmer, but not sure if the will modify helix's tone. By the way, a passive one will not be damaged or produce noise if phantom power is enabled in the mixer?
  4. Hi pwik, did you finally tested the KXD12 practicing with drummer, bass and another guitar? I'm thinking on buying it (for now just one unit), but not sure if it is loud enough to stand in a metal band for rehearsals competing with another guitar + bass + voice + drumms. Thanks in advance.
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