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  1. Thanks for that, kinda disappointed but at least I know now! Do you know if I'll be able to have both the left and right channel of the PA recorded as one track into Cubase? That way I could still use the other track for the room Mic? The Cubase wording is a bit funny but yeah, that's what they call it!
  2. I'm using my ux2 interface to record a live acoustic band onto my laptop (on Cubase 5). I will have the output of the PA going into the stereo inputs on the back of the interface and a AT4033 going into one of the xlr inputs as I need phantom power. My problem is: I want a separate channel on Cubase for each wire coming into the interface (left output of the PA, right output of the PA and room Mic) but when I go into vst connections on Cubase it gives me a choice of 4 sends to choose from, can you tell me which send matches up to which input on the interface? Thanks!
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