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  1. I have both, but with a caveat. I have the toneport ux8, so podfarm platinum comes with it, because of the hardware. Also the helix license i got was for existing podfarm users. I am able to load podfarm platinum no problem with all model packs. So, I can at least confirm that they do work together on the same computer, with podfarm requiring my hardware, and helix requiring podfarm.
  2. I was prompted to install the latest windows update, which is a full feature update of sorts. Now when an ASIO program loads, if I have VLC player open, the ASIO program plays everything 1/2 step up. If I go to play something on VLC, the audio skips and jerks, while also sounding a 1/2 step up. If I quit the ASIO program, VLC works fine. If I quit VLC and load the ASIO program, that plays fine. So now I need to figure out what the hell is going on. FWIW I'm using the UX8. It almost seems like VLC, or the windows subsystem is using ASIO for all audio, and there is a sampling rate conflict between the Line 6 driver settings and the windows subsystem. I'm a computer helpdesk guy, so I'm sure I'll figure it out, even if that means rolling back the update, but for those of you who aren't, just a heads up. If I can find out what happened, I'll come back and update.
  3. I'm here, how do I privately reach Daruniel to give my contact info? Or Daruniel, can you give me your email? I'll reach out to you, thanks.
  4. Hey there.

    I also replied to your post on the forums, but I'll leave another message here, just in case. I'm interested in your Fully Loaded offer and hope you'll see this at some point. ;)




  5. I would agree $75 is steep if the sale is current but it's not going on right now, I have it ready to go today. It isn't a used pair of sneakers, it's a software license for software that is brand new every time it's downloaded.
  6. I have a license but only for Pod Farm Platinum owners, I'll let it go for $200. It's $299 on the website, save yourself $99. DM me if your interested.
  7. Old thread I know, but here's my guess. You might have a mic pre with the gain knob set to max, routed to the main outs, which could cause the meter to think there is signal. Just a guess. I would go to the Line 6 Audio MIDI Devices control panel, and click "restore default" on both inputs and outputs tabs, turn down all knobs on the front of the UX8, then see what happens.
  8. I sold my HD 500x but before I did, I unregistered the fully loaded bundle that I had purchased. Please reach out if you would like to purchase it, $75.
  9. I've sold my Pod HD500x and now have no POD HD devices, and would like to sell my HD Fully Loaded Bundle, $79.00 take it.
  10. Update: after removing the input circut board and checking resistance across ground leads, I found no issues. Upon buttoning everything back together, I found that Input 2 exhibited the same behavior. I wiggled the instrument cable at the jack inputs for input 1 and 2, and the problem comes and goes depending on which way the pressure of the cable is. Either the contact points for the jack are worn, and I can retention or replace the jacks, or I have cold solder joints. Well this is a much better outcome than i could have hoped for. For the record, Line6 support got back to me and said buy a new audio interface. No thanks, jacks are $2.99 each.
  11. Hey everyone, I could use some help with my UX8. I notice that Instrument Input 1 is very noisy when the pad is off. The problem goes away when I engage the pad. However, this problem does not happen with Instrument Input 2. Also, on Instrument Input 1, with the pad off, if I turn the volume all the way down on my guitar, there is a strong hum. If i turn the volume up the slightest, the hum will go away. The problem does not happen on Instrument Input 2. ------------------- My Troubleshooting: I've tried multiple guitars and cables, all my gear plugs into a UPS, I've also tried to bypass the UPS. running just off of the power conditioner. The settings for Input 1 and Input 2 are set to mono, and instrument, in Line 6 Audio/Midi devices, and set to 48000hz, with 24bit sampling. To be sure everything else was the same, I created a dual patch in Pod Farm, both of the dual paths having the same amp and settings, with Amp Path 1 set to Instrument 1 and Amp Path 2 set to Instrument 2. I have the pad OFF on both Inputs, with my guitar volume all the way down. If i simply move my guitar cable between input 1 and 2 on the front of the unit, the loud hum is only there on input 1. ------------------- I don't believe the problem could be the input jack on instrument input 1, because the hum would be there with the pad engaged if it was. I'm thinking there must be a cold solder joint on the input circuit board, where there are different ground paths for PAD or NO PAD. Has anyone else experienced a problem like this? I reached out to Line 6 to ask if i could buy a new input board, they are easily user replaceable. Something tells me their "policy" will force me to spend more money on a new interface. If that's the case, goodbye Line 6, hello Scarlet. However I love the UX8 and the analog VU meters, and don't want to replace it if i don't have to. That Scarlet is expensive. Help?
  12. Hi guys, I am probably late to the show, but I just bought a POD HD Pro 500x. I was disappointed to see there was no way to re-amp via usb. I watched a video on how to turn off the hardware monitor and loop one of the outputs in to the input and to arm a track for recording. Well it turns out this technique works just as well with s/pdif. I had an s/pdif cable laying around, so I turned off the hardware monitor in the asio control panel. Then I plugged the HD 500 Pro X s/pif output to the input. I soloed the dry track in my daw i wanted to reamp, and armed another track to record, and it worked perfect. No unnecessary D/A then A/D conversion. MAKE SURE that the track your recording on isn't outputting to your main bus in the DAW or you'll get a NASTY feedback loop. If you want to listen back to the track, UNPLUG the s/pdif cable BEFORE routing your new track back to your daws main bus. Another thing I've figured out for recording dry tracks which lets me USE the hardware monitor WITHOUT hearing the dry signal. I have my mixer driving my studio monitors and headphones, with my POD HD 500 Pro X as the souncard for my computer. I have my pod patch set up with amp/wet on left and dry on right. I have the unbalanced audio outs from the POD HD going to my mixer into a stereo input. Then I also have the balanced outputs going to 2 individual mixer tracks both panned centered (even though im only using the left channel so the pod doesn't sum the wet/dry signals. When recording i turn off the stereo pair that i use for playback, and only arm the left/mono balanced channel on my mixer, which allows me to hear the wet signal from the hardware monitor in both ears. This also means I hear the daw playback from the computer in mono, but only while recording. As soon as im done recording, i turn off the left/mono balanced channel, and turn on the unbalanced stereo channel. Then I can listen back in stereo again. This can be done too with just 1 pair of outputs to individual mixer inputs, with the mixer inputs panned left and right respectively. However when recording you have to turn off the right mixer input, and center the left mixer input. For me its easier to have 2 separate sets. This does mean however that you will only hear the left audio out from your daw (but centered in your monitors) while recording, but you can probably put a plugin on your daws output to sum the channels to mono and activate it when you record, and deactivate it when your done recording. This way if you need to hear tracks from the daws right channel you can, but I don't do this though, because I know i'll forget to deactivate it.
  13. I have 2 patches, Patch A (with volume expression), Patch B (with wah expression). Problem, on Patch B, finish riff with expression pedal down, switch to Patch A, no volume. I still need volume control with expression control on patch A though. Can I make it so Patch A will only read the expression pedal when I sweep the pedal past the patch volume setting? this is for my x3 live
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